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Once your marijuana is cured and ready to use, it is important to have effective marijuana storage in order to avoid mold. In general, marijuana has four fundamental enemies, namely water, heat, air and mold. If you grow marijuana plants outdoors, it has the spores for mold, but only when exposed to heat, moisture and air. You can use packets for marijuana storage. However, the only solution to using this is reducing humidity and absorption of moisture, but for a limited period of three years or less.

The Canisters

Essentially, it is better to use a canister and keep it closely shut. Before opening it up after storing, make sure it thaws out first. It is guaranteed that doing so, even after three years of marijuana storage, your cannabis will smell, taste and smoke well. You can get canisters at any local retail store. Canisters sell in a wide variety of sizes.

The Packaging

Since the use of plastic bags back in the day, marijuana storage has advanced to include different types of packaging to maintain freshness. Depending on how your marijuana is stored, mold can develop while your buds are in storage. In addition to threatening the health of your marijuana plant, mold is also a threat to your health. Moldy marijuana is dangerous for your individual health. So, it is important to keep it free of mold as much as is possible.

The Causes of Mold

There are various causes of marijuana mold while you are storing marijuana buds or plants. When you take your cannabis from your curing room, it usually has no mold at that time, especially, if you have taken the right steps to preventing mold. You would then transfer the cannabis to a container and that is the time it could be exposed to higher levels of humidity. In fact, humidity exposure is going to continue for the life of your cannabis products once you keep opening and closing the container. For this reason, your cannabis product will be at risk for mold.

Two Kinds of Mold

You may have to contend with two kinds of mold, namely Botrytis cinerea, which is the most common and Aspergillus. The former is known for destroying the marijuana plant itself. The mold attacks the stem first. You can detect this kind of mold by the grayish-white color that shows on the marijuana plant in its initial stages. Eventually, it will kill the marijuana bud, turning dense buds into squishy and moist buds. The rotting of the bud as a result of this kind of mold only affects the actual marijuana plant, but cannot develop on harvested marijuana plants.


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The Aspergillus mold is also common and you will mostly find it on other areas of the marijuana plant in addition to its buds. If it is highly concentrated in the air, the Aspergillus spores could damage your lungs and also weaken your immune system. So you can imagine what it would do to the plant before and after marijuana storage. You will mostly find this kind of mold in the soil where there is a high level of moisture. So be sure how you water your marijuana plants. Do not give them too much water.

Avoiding Mold

The ideal way to avoid mold on your harvested marijuana is to put it in a consistently dry environment. Air tight marijuana storage is important. You can also consider Boost packets made by Integra. These packets keep humidity low and ensures the right amount of relative humidity. In addition, the packets come with indicator strips, which lets  you know when you need to replace the packets for higher quality cannabis.

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