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There are some licensees who have their cannabis grow operation inside the home or on their property. This is getting increasingly popular as marijuana continues to no longer be a taboo for many of the U.S. population.

This is also the case as marijuana planting and possession has become legal. Many growers are on the lookout for different ways to improve their harvest and yield. And that is why companion planting has become quite popular, especially for those cannabis grow operations that use natural methods and not chemicals. Let us take a close look at companion planting and what is involved in the process.

The Process of Companion Planting

Enhanced methods for your marijuana grow. Green marijuana plant.

When you use companion planting, the objective is to improve the whole growing environment. You will also use it to improve the conditions that surrounding your cannabis grow operation. In so doing, you would grow various types of plants that complement your main plant, especially the ones growing close together.

Each marijuana plant has its own mechanisms for protecting itself in surviving to its maturity. This might include getting rid of odors and resins in order to provide protection from insects. The roots of the plant can be helpful in improving the soil surrounding the plant.

This is done through nutrient promotion and aeration. The THC in the cannabis plant is also a natural repellent against insects and other pests. When you use companion planting, it helps with the protection of your the plants in your cannabis grow operation, whether indoors or outdoors.

Combining Marijuana and Mint

One of the companions for planting in your cannabis grow operation is “Mint.” However, it is not just any kind of mint, but ‘peppermint.' When you plant these around your marijuana crop, it fights the aphids that will plague your crop.

Aphids are small bugs or lice that love to feed on the sucking sap from your marijuana plants. They reproduce very fast and can become large numbers, damaging and destroying your entire crop.

The peppermint acts as a repellent against the aphids and other insects because of the menthol that it carries in its leaves. The mint also protects your cannabis grow operation against cockroaches, mice and ants, keeping them away.

The peppermint is an excellent way to mask the odor of growing weed, if you want to keep it hidden from your nosy neighbors. However, this occurs more, if you are growing more of the peppermint than the weed. Peppermint is an invasive plant; though and so it is best to plant in pots close to your cannabis grow operation instead of directly in the same plot area as your weed.

One thing to be aware of though, is that mint attracts bees and so, if grown outdoors, it will cross pollinate other related plants, but not your cannabis grow operation.

The Marijuana Mint Plant

On the first day that it blooms, Mint is a male plant and on the second day becomes female plants. Many people believe that is how it survives and is able to transmit pollen through insects.

There are thousands of species of mint that exist around the world. The plant is grown partially in shade and requires moisture to exist. This means that when you are including it as a companion plant in your cannabis grow operation, you have to make sure that the mint plants are shorter than the weed plants, inserting them once the weed has gotten tall enough.

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The purpose for this is that you don't want the mint to overshadow your cannabis. In addition to being a great companion plant, mint is a tasty herb that you can use to make tea.

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