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Five Best Aeroponic Cloners for Cannabis

A good cannabis strain is worth its weight in gold. Once you find the strain that works best for your growing environment and MEDICAL or recreational needs, you will want to keep that strain going as long as possible. That’s where cloning comes in.

A clone is a clipping from a plant that has been nurtured to grow roots, making an exact copy of the mother plant. Clones can be rooted in many different ways using rock wool and other mediums, but if you want the greatest chance for cloning success, a tried and true method is aeroponic cloning. There are a lot of cloners on the market, and many have similar designs, but here’s a list of the five best aeroponic cloners that will help your plants have healthy roots from the start.

Turbo Klone

This particular cloner comes with a volley of features, making it one of the more expensive models. The Turbo Klone is equipped with a humidity dome to help keep the leaves hydrated. For those who live in warmer climates, the Turbo Klone comes with a fan to ensure temps don’t get too warm and burn the fragile roots and leaves. It has a 100% success rate, and the presence of the fan will give growers the peace of mind things won’t get to hot in the greenhouse or grow room.

Clone King

The Clone King is available in three sizes, 25, 36 and 64 site models. Each site has a neoprene circle that holds the clipping and a plastic net that helps contain the roots and aerate the water. The sturdy light-proof design helps with mold build up and durability. This cloner does not come with a dome, so environments with low humidity may need to buy a separate humidity dome to help keep the leaves moist.


The Oxyclone works a little different than other cannabis cloning machines. Instead of water being sprayed on the cuttings from beneath, water is circulated with a pump. The motion of the water helps pull oxygen into the swirling reservoir. The Oxycerts are made of EVA foam and have a hole cut to fit the clones just right, reducing pressure on the stem of the new plant. The Oxyclone comes in 20, 40 and 80 site systems, and has only a six inch height, making them perfect to put on shelves or in tight spaces.

Botanicare Power Cloner

The Botanicare Power Cloner comes in two colors, black and white, and includes a humidity dome to help keep leaves hydrated before roots form. The Botanicare is specially designed to root larger cuttings, and its large design will ensure all your clippings have room to flourish. The unit includes an oxygen pump, with an oxygen rock included. The high pressure submersible pump comes with a two year manufactures warranty.

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Viagrow Aeroponic Cloner

This cloner has a unique multi colored neoprene plug flare that will be helpful to growers who want to keep track of different strains in their cloner. The pump has a screen that helps give the Viagrow cloner the reputation of not clogging. The no-leak lid has an optional air pump port, in case an air pump and oxygen stone are right for your grow. Every Viagrow comes with Clone X rooting gel, so you can get started cloning right away.

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