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To reproduce marijuana, the flower of the female marijuana plant has to be pollinated and it has to be done by the male marijuana plant. After this takes place, the flower from the female plant has to produce the marijuana seeds.

It is important to note, though, that there are a wide range of marijuana strains can produce a few varieties of male flowers in addition to the female flower, even when they are on the same marijuana plant.

This is especially true when they are exposed to stressors in the environment or when they are left in the flowering process for a longer time than usual. This is called a hermaphrodite condition. The male flowers sometimes will self-pollinate the female flowers and produce workable pollen, which subsequently create marijuana seeds.

The Outcome

Once those marijuana seeds become mature, then the female plant starts to die. The marijuana seeds may grow into new marijuana plants in another season, germinate when the seeds drop to the ground or might be harvested and processed into food products, hemp seed oil or sown again to become the next creation of cannabis plants.

Let's now take a look at the germination process.

Germination Process

During the germination process, a new marijuana plant starts to emerge from various marijuana seeds. This process is known as ‘popping.' It is the initial step to beginning a marijuana garden. Marijuana seeds can be obtained from a wide range of sources and comes in a wide variety of quality.

You can choose your seeds from seed banks online. You will likely pick from the best quality and heritable diversity. Be careful how you order marijuana seeds overseas since there are legal liabilities attached for some countries.

Obtaining the Marijuana Seeds

When obtaining marijuana seeds, be sure to choose the ones that are mature. Make sure they are of a darker brown color and harder texture. The cannabis seed that appears green and fresh may not have reached its full maturity. Therefore, you need to stay away from those.

Once you obtain your marijuana seeds, it is then time to ensure that you have the necessary space to plant so that you achieve a healthy harvest. Wait until you have the appropriate grow space before popping your seeds. You also have to make sure you have time and attention to give to your cannabis garden.

Best Method to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds need three things to ensure the right germination results. The three things are heat, water and air. Due to this, you will have a variety of methods to use for germinating your marijuana seeds. The simplest and most common technique is using paper towels that you have saturated with water.

If you are going to use this method, get two plates, the seeds and paper towels. Soak four sheets of the paper towel into distilled water. Make sure that there is no run off of excess water.

Place two sheets of the paper towel into one of the plates. Put the marijuana seeds an inch away from each other and use the two water soaked sheets of paper towel to cover them. Use the other plant to cover the seeds. It will create a darker space for protection.

Finally, ensure that the area is warm, between 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Please see our blog on the paper towel method for more information.

Final Thoughts on How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Once you complete these steps, you have to wait for several days until the marijuana seeds germinate. Once you notice that the seeds split and have a single sprout, you will know that your seeds have germinated. When you notice the tap root showing, then you have to now transfer your germinated marijuana seeds into possibly a small pot so it can grow freely.

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Luis Cordova

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