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Many marijuana home growers might wonder how to grow cannabis on a tight budget. It is a resounding yes, you can! Even though, the cannabis industry is growing in leaps and bounds, and facilitates costly marijuana grow equipment, you can produce cannabis using simple systems and methods for far less money that you would imagine. If it is in your budget, you can buy more tools and equipment so you can improve your cannabis garden. However, most of these are not necessary.

The Expense

If you don't already know, to successfully grow cannabis, you are going to need to consider nutrients, sunlight, air and water. These are the essentials that you should first consider because they are easily available, less costly and free.

If you want to grow cannabis indoors, you would then have to think about lighting, climate control equipment and electricity. In so doing, you will run into additional expenses. So, if you are working with a tight budget, it is best to stay away from hydroponic systems.

It is less costly to grow your weed under sunlight. However, not everyone is able to grow cannabis on the outside because of legal reasons or due to the climate. So, we are going to give some tips to grow cannabis outdoors and indoors with a tight budget.

Choosing the Genetics

cannabis seeds next to a cannabis leaf isolated on white

If you are a first time cannabis grower or you are working under a tight budget, then it is advisable or suggested that you start out with marijuana seeds and consider cloning. While, it can be expensive to get quality genetics, it might be worth your time and effort. However, bear in mind that it could take longer to produce and stabilize.

You must have quality seeds too. The best thing to do is to conduct research to find quality marijuana seeds that match the budget that you are working with. And you will get a good cannabis product that excites you.

Cannabis Garden

Keep everything as simple as possible. If you are going to grow cannabis indoors, make your grow space small, which means you should use 400 to 600 watt bulbs in a space that measures 3’x3’ to 4’x4.’ Here are some of the items that you would need to have a successful cannabis garden indoors.


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  • Soil
  • Oscillating fan
  • Climate monitor
  • Bulbs
  • Hood
  • Carbon air filter
  • High velocity fan
  • Nutrients
  • Timer for lighting
  • Six inch fan ducting

You should expect to have a budget of $500 to $750 and no less to successfully grow cannabis at home.

Steps for Healthy Harvest

Your cannabis grow room should be kept clean and be sealed off properly. Be sure to mount up your oscillating fans and direct them at the marijuana plants. It is also important to use your high velocity fan. This will pull the air through your light hood and get it into the carbon air filter.

As soon as you set up your lights and fan, it is time to transplant your pots, making sure that they are filled with the best soil blend. Once that is done, all you have to do now is to water the marijuana plants as necessary, controlling the lighting cycle and feeding the plants with nutrients for a healthy harvest.

TIP: it is important to monitor your cannabis garden, whether indoors or outdoors.

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Final Thoughts on How to Grow Cannabis on a Tight Budget

Check your marijuana plants frequently during the day to ensure proper watering and pruning. Of course, to grow cannabis outdoors is less challenging. You will need nutrients, quality soil, water, and garden stakes. All of this will cost about $250 or less. If the soil quality is not good, then you have to consider using additional nutrients. The key to growing cannabis outdoors is the climate. Be sure to determine this prior to planting and use a greenhouse, if possible.

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