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There are several states that allow medical cannabis to be grown at home. There are a few states that allow adults to cultivate marijuana at home for recreational use.

However, some of these states have heavy restrictions and requirements. As more marijuana enthusiasts earn access to legal marijuana, they are trying to try to see if they have the green thumb for a successfully organic harvest at home.

Getting the Facts

Yes, many people are interested to grow marijuana organically at home. If you reside in a state where marijuana is legalized to allow you to grow marijuana in your home, then there are some things that you need to know. There are not many resources that will allow you to consult with someone to learn more, except for online learning institutions like the Cannabis Training University.

You can also ask questions at your local seed retailer or hydroponics shop. However, because these kinds of businesses are driven by money and may not want to share all that they know. In fact, they may want you to use their pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, which would force you to purchase something at their facility. For that reason, their recommendations may only be conducive to the sale and not to what the consumer wants to achieve. Let's take a closer look at the steps involved with how to grow marijuana organically.

Getting Started

To Grow Cannabis Organically At Home. Weed plant growing in soil.

How do you get started? It is quite simple since there are several ways that you can incorporate the flexible methods that are used to grow marijuana at home organically. Organic farming is like a spectrum. As it exist right now, the cannabis industry has no regulations as to the true meaning of organic farming. There are several interpretations. For that reason, the topic tends to be polarizing for those in the cannabis industry, especially the professionals. However, for the home grower, everything comes down to what is preferred.

The Essential Step

To begin, the most essential step is to make sure that the soil is naturally amended to facilitate a healthy grow, which is sustainable. Creating a sustainable and clean potting soil is very significant since it will aid in keeping the marijuana plants loaded up with organic nutrients. To amend the soil, you may have to consider things like:

  • Earthworm Castings
  • Compost
  • Kelp Meal
  • Pumice
  • Fish Emulsion
  • Perlite
  • Peat Moss
  • Bat Guano

Ingredients like these used to grow marijuana will only serve to foster a setting for microorganism to flourish.

Quality Soil

There are a couple of ways to get quality soil. One way is creating it yourself by getting the each ingredient and combing them to your liking. If you are novice marijuana grower, though, it may be best to buy organic soil that is already pre-mixed. You can find this in a hydroponic retail shop. In doing so, you will have little maintenance. With organic soil, you hardly have to adjust the pH balance. The soil will produce and provide nutrients to marijuana plants and you do not have to use additives.

Growing Conditions

You should also make sure that your marijuana plants have the right growing conditions for a successful grow. This means that you must have the right spectrum of light, the right humidity environment and the best temperature. Sufficient airflow and ventilation is also important. You may want to consider the outdoors if you do not have enough space to grow marijuana indoors. If you do grow marijuana outdoors, there are variables to consider such as the soil, the temperature, humidity and pests. If you have a budget to grow marijuana in a greenhouse, then that would be the best outdoor option.

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Make sure you give your marijuana plants the right amount of water. Try not to use tap water since it may contain chemicals and fluoride that will probably kill the good bacteria in the soil. You can choose to get supplements or organic soil amendment from a hydroponic shop in your local area.

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