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If you want to know how to grow marijuana in various climates, you have to be aware of the legal aspects first. Never plant weed in a location where marijuana is not yet legal. If you discover that both your state and local municipalities allow you to grow marijuana, you can then decide whether to grow it indoors or outdoors. Here we're talking about growing weed outdoors, so the climate or weather is going to be important.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

If you are doing it legally, marijuana can be grown outside in your backyard. It can also be grown on your patio, greenhouse or terrace. You can use various cultivation methods to grow marijuana and get a good harvest. There are different climate zones in the United States, depending on where you live. Let's look at some of them.

The Calendar

First, you need to get a calendar and mark it for the days when you usually have disruptive weather in your area. Conduct your own research for general information about local gardening. This will include the number of days for the most recent freeze and the first date of fall frost. You can grow marijuana outdoors for ninety days each season. However, you have to take special precautions for specific seasons. The calendar should be able to tell you times and dates. If you are still not sure visit a local nursery and ask questions.

The Experiment

If you are growing marijuana in a location that you are unfamiliar with and because of that, you don't know the amount of sun that will be needed during a specific season or you are unaware of wind exposure, then you have to think about starting the marijuana planting as an experiment first. Use a small container that is only going to be temporary until you figure things out. If the experiment works out of you, then you can consider creating a permanent plan. Let's look at some ideas, tips or recommendations on how to help your marijuana plants get off to a good start.

Plant Indoors First

You can begin by planting your marijuana seeds inside our home. Or you can go to the local marijuana dispensary and buy clones, which are small marijuana plants. Nurture the clones by putting them under artificial lighting. Do this until your plants get to least 36 inches in height. After you get these results, take your plant outdoors. When you put out your large plants earlier on in the season, you will give them a better start for the remaining season.


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Cloned Female Plants

If you opt for clones, you probably would fare better. What are clones? These are small plants, which were cut from the female plant. These plants are certain to turn out to be females and no male plant will be found in the harvest. If you are looking for a higher profile for your cannabinoids, then cloning is the way to go.

If you grow marijuana in cooler weather, it is best to put your plants in the soil in the early on in the flowering period. By the fall, you will have an early harvest. If you live in an area where the outdoors is colder, grow marijuana in containers and then take them outside during the night. The added warmth during the night will increase growth.

If you are growing weed in a garden outdoors, place those plants in a raised bed because these warm up early during spring and allows the plant to remain warm an additional month during the fall. With warmer roots, your marijuana plants will grow faster. Use plastic material to cover your marijuana plants when it rains and when it gets cool or cold.

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