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Growing weed outdoors is one of the best ways to save money on expensive cultivation equipment such as grow tents, fans, carbon filters, grow lights, hydroponic systems, and other indoor growing supplies. While you may need a few marijuana growing supplies here and there, you can learn how to grow a weed plant outside with no equipment.

Pros and Cons of Growing Weed Outside with No Equipment

Growing weed outdoors with no equipment can have numerous advantages and disadvantages, depending on your personal preferences. While you may get fresh air and sunlight from the environment, there are some cons to consider.


  • More affordable than growing indoors
  • More environmentally sustainable
  • Easy for beginners


  • Yield may not be as big as with indoor or outdoor gardens that use equipment
  • Growing marijuana outdoors may be prohibited in your area

How to Grow a Weed Plant Outside With No Equipment

Finding a Suitable Location Outside to Grow Weed

If you plan on growing marijuana outdoors with the bare essentials, you need to find a suitable space that is away from public view and properly secured. In your backyard or other outdoor grow space, you can use screens, fences, trees, big shrubs, and companion plants to hide your weed plant. Just make sure it can get plenty of light and shade when it needs it most.


Cannabis plants need a proper supply of macro and micronutrients at different levels throughout their various stages of growth. Everything from the grow medium structure to its pH to the size of the grow container can affect the nutrient intake of your weed plant.

Many cannabis growers buy nutrients for the vegetative stage and the flowering stage. However, these nutrients can be expensive. While you can grow cannabis without nutrients, we don't recommend it. Your weed plant will not reach its full potential without them.

Instead, go with a sustainable and affordable way to give your plants nutrients. You can make compost tea using ingredients and organic waste you already have at home. All you need is a bucket or deep container to store your compost.

You don't even need to buy a bubbler for aeration. You can regularly mix up the compost with a sturdy stick. Allow your compost to fully mature before using it.


If you need garden soil for your cannabis plants, you can get it for a low cost or even free, in some cases. Speak with a local farmer or search online forums for free topsoil to give your plants the proper structure and organic matter they need.

Gardening Supplies

When it comes to the gardening supplies you need, you may use some you already have, ask to borrow some from your friends, family, or neighbors, or use alternatives like a metal tent stake instead of a garden trowel or a food container as a watering can. However, some gardening tools may not be easy to replace.

Grow Container

marijuana plant germinating in pot, how to grow a weed plant outside with no equipment

When growing buds outdoors, the cannabis seeds are planted in a small pot and allowed to grow a few leaves before planting them outdoors in the ground. You don't need to buy any pot to grow weed outdoors.

Egg cartons and potting soil are all you need for starting seeds. When you are ready to plant the young plant in the ground, you can just cut off the egg carton section the plant is growing in and plant it all in the ground. The cardboard will degrade in the soil.

Growing Environment

Cannabis plants need the right amount of light intensity and exposure throughout their vegetative and flowering stages to thrive. You don’t need to buy a grow light for your garden. Marijuana plants can receive plenty of sunshine if placed in a strategic area outdoors.

Make sure to water your weed plant properly. During the hot summer months, you may not get much rainfall in some areas, meaning you need to water your plants manually. Avoid overwatering to reduce the risk of mold formation. Watch out for signs of underwatering your plant, such as wilting or yellow leaves. How to grow a weed plant outside with no equipment also requires info on cannabis seeds.

outdoor weed growing in pots.

Cannabis Seeds

Starting with a healthy cannabis seed gives you the best chance of producing a healthy plant and a decent yield outdoors. We recommend starting with high-quality genetics when growing marijuana.

While you can buy cannabis seeds from a reputable source that ships to your location, you can also get free weed seeds from a friend who grows weed or through online groups of local cannabis growers.

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Luis Cordova

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