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Growing cannabis in a tent is a great way to grow marijuana at home. You’re not going to be growing on an industrial level. However, it’s a way to take a medium-sized area (like a basement) and turn it into multiple environments.

Using tents, you can take a single room and break it up into multiple areas that can each produce a pound or more per harvest.

Why Use a Cannabis Tent?

Grow tents fulfill multiple crucial roles for an indoor grow. First, cannabis grow tents are light proof and maintain your light cycle. If you’re in flower, you need to make sure you’re getting 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness per day.

In addition, tents make it easier to control your environment. Finally, tents allow you to have economy of space. In other words, tents are the best way to get the most out of a limited area.

Also, you can use tents to create different areas with multiple plant cycles in a single room.

For example, if you have one area with an open floor plan and you want to have both vegging and flowering plants down there, you’re going to need two independent light cycles.

As a result, you need to have tents. This same logic can apply on a larger scale if you’re trying to have multiple flower cycles for your plants.

Buy or Build

The first question you need to ask yourself when growing weed in a tent is whether you’re going to buy a pre-made kit for your tent or to build it yourself.

There are perks to either choice. If you buy a kit, a company will already have chosen all the right pieces for you. They’ll include specialized, high-quality, durable parts.

These marijuana grow tents are usually relatively cheap, and you can get a good one for $100 to $150. In addition, kits come with instruction manuals.

If you’re growing weed in a tent, buying a pre-made kit is much more expensive than trips to the hardware and hydroponic stores. You can build a tent yourself out of PVC, panda paper, and duct tape. In addition, most hydroponic stores sell six-foot adhesive zippers. You can use these to make a door in one of your panda paper walls. This will probably cost about half as much as much as a kit, if not less.

Space Is Your Enemy

Space is usually restricted in most cannabis grows. This can be especially true when growing weed in a tent. For most home grows, having a tent that’s about four-square-feet is recommended. Sometimes, you can even go a little bigger if you have more room.

In addition, height is usually a limiting factor in cannabis grows. No matter how tall your tent is, remember that you always want to keep your light source 18 inches from your canopy. So plan accordingly!

Using Tents to Control Light

One way you can control light when growing weed in a tent is by using multiple tents for multiple plant phases. For example, when your plants are in veg, they need at least 18 hours of light per day. When your plants are in flower, they need 12 hours of light, nothing more.

Because tents are light proof, you can build two tents in one room and have one tent vegging while the other tent is flowering.

If you’re in your flower cycle, it’s crucial that you get 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness per day. If you don’t, your plants will get confused and release stress hormones. As a result, they’ll herm, meaning they’ll turn from a female plant into a hermaphrodite that produces both male and female sexual characteristics. When a plant herms, it starts growing seeds and stops producing THC.

A cannabis plant herms because it thinks it’s in danger, and it’s trying to make sure that its genetic code lives on. The seeds are its attempt to make sure the cannabis plant’s genetic code continues even after the plant dies. Because tents are light-proof, they’re a great advantage to prevent your plants from herming when growing weed in a tent.

Using Tents to Control Environment

Growing cannabis in a tent helps you control your environment. You need to maintain the environment in your grow area. It’s one of the most critical factors for growing large volumes of quality cannabis.

As a result, any advantage you can get in environmental control helps when you’re growing weed in a tent. Tents are great for insulation, meaning they help keep heat inside.

In addition, pre-made tents come with intake and exhaust vents. You can use these to keep steady airflow through your tent. You want to make sure there’s always air passing through your growing area when you’re growing weed in a tent. This will prevent diseases like powdery mildew (PM) from popping up in your plants.

If you build your own marijuana grow tent, you’ll need to include your own intake and exhaust. Intake should be low to the ground, because you want to suck in cool air to counteract the heat from your lights.

Your exhaust should be higher up. This is because heat rises, and you want to pull hot air out of your room. This will help regulate your temperature when growing weed in a tent.

You’ll need to keep an eye on your temperature and humidity within your tent. Growing weed in a tent gives you great control over these variables.

However, the tent isn’t going to grow the weed for you. You still need to keep track of your temperature and humidity.

Additonally you may need to buy a humidifier, dehumidifier, heater, or air conditioning unit to control your environment. You want to keep your ambient humidity below 40 percent, and your temperature between 78 and 85 degrees.

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Other Gear When Growing in a Tent

Growing pot in a tent requires a lot of the same gear as if you were growing in a room. You’ll need lights – I prefer 315-watt ceramic metal halide lights. Use one for every four-square-foot space.

You’ll also need fans for air movement. I like Hurricane Fans for this. Another crucial tool is a thermometer and hydrometer. These help you keep track of your environmental variables.

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