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North Dakota has finally been added to the marijuana legalization platform and growing cannabis. Even though, there are limitations, this is a good move in the right direction. The legislation passed allows medical cannabis patients to receive recommendation from a physician to legally possess and get medical marijuana, but it has to be provided by a marijuana dispensary that is licensed by the state.

The Laws on Cannabis Cultivation

On January 3, 2017, the legislature in North Dakota met to discuss the Measure 5 legislation approved when voters agreed to allowing medical marijuana as a compassionate initiative. About sixty four of the voters agreed in the last November 2016 election.

The cannabis laws in North Dakota state that a residents residing about forty miles or more from a medical cannabis dispensary is allowed to grow limited amounts of marijuana in their homes – as much as eight flowering marijuana plants, but no more. While this might not be a priority for you, if you want to experiment with it, you can start by getting marijuana seeds in growing cannabis. First, you have to be aware of the cannabis laws and the penalties, if you violate those laws.

The Penalties

If you were arrested for possessing half an ounce of marijuana, then you will be charged a penalty in North Dakota. Yes, the cannabis laws are harsh. The penalties even increase according to how much weed you are found with. North Dakota, however, does not have any cannabis laws regarding cannabis cultivation or growing cannabis. It is considered similar to possession of marijuana. Imagine growing a marijuana plant is less than half an ounce!

Minimal Growing

Growing cannabis in North Dakota is minimal and so, it does not seem to affect the tax revenue or the cannabis jobs that could be created, if it were fully legalized. In fact, North Dakota is firm on their drug laws (yes, marijuana is considered an illegal drug still) and there are not many policies instituted yet to accommodate full legalization of marijuana. The state apparently wants to keep everything simple. It could be that the state has nothing much going for it. So, it would be good for the state, if the laws were more relaxed.

The oil industry is growing in North Dakota, but there are not enough experienced workers to even handle the growth and for that reason, workers are out of the state. Most of these out of state employees don’t even know the weed laws, especially if most of them are from states with more liberal laws.

Growing in North Dakota

Growing cannabis in North Dakota is not going to be easy so you have to adopt the ideal approach, which is being discreet and focused on the legal aspect of growing cannabis. Yes, there are conditional releases that give a pass to first time offenders of marijuana possession, but you should not push your luck. It is very important on remaining focused on not breaking the law so you can get caught. The ideal approach is to grow your cannabis indoors. If you are thinking about growing cannabis legally outside, you have to be discreet.

Be Cautious When Growing Weed in North Dakota

First, you have to make sure you get the right seeds, ones that are of the highest quality. Then you have to plant eight flowering plants that are allowed by law inside your home. And you have to be growing cannabis in your home for your own use. By law, cannabis is not allowed to be grown or sold in the state of North Dakota or you could get into legal trouble, having to pay substantial fines.

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