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If you want a better outcome for your marijuana harvest and obtain bigger marijuana buds, there are some things to consider.

First, you have to identify the marijuana plants being grown and have some knowledge of how you can increase that growth. Bigger marijuana buds are the goal of every cannabis grower and so the flowering stage is where you would put more emphasis on handling and caring for the plant.

While the leaves do have a certain level of THC, the marijuana buds in the female plants have more potency by far. If you grow individual marijuana plants, you should pay close attention and focus on the marijuana buds in your crop.

What You Should Know

If done the right way, you can achieve bigger marijuana buds with a high level of THC content. If you want more knowledge about how to grow bigger marijuana buds, a great option is Cannabis Training University. You will be taught what cannabis buds are and how to distinguish male and female buds. Also, you will learn how you can speed up the growth of your marijuana crop. You should also be aware of the best nutrients to use to get the highest quality and even the kind of lighting you need.

The Growing Phase

Prior to growing marijuana buds to get them to be bigger, you need to understand that buds are seen during the flowering stage. Because the buds have a higher level of THC content, it is important to get them as big as you can. However, there are some differences between the male and female buds, which you need to know too.

Female marijuana buds have the higher level of THC. Male marijuana buds are still potent and you can still smoke them. Because the male buds have so much pollen, you have to be careful not to allow female plant pollination. If so, then the marijuana plant will begin to produce seeds and so have a lower level of THC.

The marijuana buds of the female plant will begin to show within two weeks after the buds of the male plant show up. You should focus your attention on the female buds as they are the most superior in comparison with male buds.


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Faster Rate of Growth

To achieve bigger marijuana buds is to try to grow them at a quicker rate. Fast growth allows for bigger buds. You should speed up the growth in the flowering phase. Start by getting rid of the dry leaves. Look for discoloration of the leave so you know which ones to remove.

Even though, you will remove those leaves, you don’t have to discard them, but you can keep the leaves for curing because the discolored leaves till have a sufficient level of THC content. You use them for recreational smoking while you wait for your bigger marijuana buds.

Careful Focus

Topping your female marijuana plants also saves its energy and helps with pruning. Another thing to consider is using the best nutrients for your marijuana plant. Nutrients should be specifically chosen for each phase, but especially the flowering phase. Be careful what nutrients you use during the flowering stage. To get bigger marijuana buds, make sure the plant receives enough phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium. Phosphorous is usually most of what your marijuana plant craves. To get enough phosphorous for your plant, you could mix water and wood ash together and apply to your plant. You should also focus on the right lighting to get the desired results you want.

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