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If you are a master grower, how many times do you water your marijuana plants? This is one of the questions that need to be addressed. The answer is easy, though. In simple terms, the plants have to be watered long enough so that the roots are wet.

However, you shouldn't overdo it or the cannabis plants will suffocate. Every master grower does things a little differently, but for the most part, it is generic. However, it also depends on the size of your grow operation and how many marijuana plants you are growing. You also have to consider the humidity and the temperature along with other factors and variables.

The New Grower                        

How Frequently To Water Cannabis Plants Indoors. Growing marijuana guide.

If you are a new marijuana grower using a hydroponic system, you might over-think this, but it is better that you stick to the generic method, which we alluded to.

You water the plants long enough for the roots to be wet, but do not overdo it to avoid plant suffocation. In so doing, your plants will be OK. It would be ideal to use a timer, setting it to a specific time. This gives a lot of flexibility and accuracy. If the roots and growing medium gets too dry in between the watering, then you would increase how often you do the watering.

If you notice that they are always wet and moist, then you should decrease the watering times and then watch how the plants fare. In other words, you have the option to decrease and increase watering. You will learn quickly how to do this and what is best for your marijuana plants because sometimes, it is through trial and error or personal preference or even adaptability.

The Variables of How Frequently to Water Marijuana Plants Indoors

The variables that affect how often you water your marijuana plants in a hydroponic system operation includes water temperature, air temperature, room temperature, types of marijuana plants, growing media used and the size of the plant; just to name a few.

There is no distinct answer except to be careful about how you wet the roots or they can be over-watered and not get enough air or oxygen. But, you don't want them to dry out either.  If you notice any sign that there is wilting, then they are very dry or just too wet or they may already be suffocating.

The Roots

The roots must have sufficient moisture for proper absorption so that the marijuana plant's foliage is supported and you have healthy cannabis plants during harvesting. Bigger plants must have additional moisture to support the added foliage.


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If the conditions are dry, then more water is needed and more frequency of watering is going to also be necessary.  If the conditions are humid, then extra water will also be need. There are some growing mediums that have more moisture than others and those that do will need less frequent watering.

More Factors

The frequency of watering also depends on the season and time of the year with some days having higher temperatures than others. You can use a method that best describes what is best for your marijuana plants.

You could water them for an hour at a time while you continue to check the moisture before watering. A timer will help you to keep track of your frequency of watering.  Don't water at nights since only during lighter periods do plants need more watering. If you are concerned about dryness, however, you can water once during the night.

Depending on your hydroponic system and growing medium, the water level will be different. Certain mediums absorb water and hold onto moisture more than others.

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Final Thoughts

It also depends on the system you are using, whether it is a flood system, drain system, drip system, water culture system, or aeroponic system. If you are a new grower, it is best to use a system that won't demand much.

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