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When you are selecting how you will cultivate and grow your cannabis garden, you may want to use indoor growing. Why? Well, many growers do so because it gives them more discretion and full control over the conditions in which the plants are being grown.

Many experts say that if cannabis buds are cultivated indoors, they tend to be better preserved and at harvest, they will be more attractive aesthetically. However, outdoor growing has its advantages.

So, if you have the space for a cannabis garden, then it is recommended as long as it is legal to plant cannabis in your local area. Even when it is legal, you will still have curious or nosy neighbors and possibly that one passerby who takes notice of your garden and decides to come back and have a field day with it when you are away.

So how do you avoid drawing attention to an outdoor cannabis garden? Let us take a closer look.

The Advantages of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Avoid attention to cannabis garden. Cannabis plant.

Whether you are thinking of commercial cultivation or a small grow operation, if you grow cannabis outdoors, it can give you some of the best harvest outcomes. Some people have said outdoor growing will give a weaker quality in terms of the cannabis strain, but that is just a myth and not true.

This only happens if you are growing in a confined space and if you don't take care of the cannabis garden. Indoor growing has a more controlled climate and does produce some appealing and flavorful buds that have a high level of potency, but outdoor growing will do just the same.

As long as your cannabis garden is well maintained, you can have some of the highest quality cannabis. When you grow cannabis outside the light from the sun provides organic food for your plants. You cannot get this natural sunlight with indoor growing.

In fact, sunlight is what sustained and upheld landrace cannabis strains that grow in the wild. And so, it is recommended that you try growing these kinds of strains outdoors in your cannabis garden to prove the outcome. Now, let us look at how you can keep prying eyes out of your cannabis garden.

Keeping Eyes Out

In addition to growing quality cannabis outdoors, it is also important to keep prying eyes out of your outdoor space. Your neighbors are the first to keep out as they will not only see what you are doing, but the aroma may be obvious.

It would be good if you had nice neighbors that knew how to mind their own business. But, do your part by being friendly and helpful to your neighbors over time. Your behavior towards them may be your best bet of keeping their eyes out of your cannabis garden. However, either way, you should still make sure that you keep everything private and be discreet. Choose a growing space that is away from public view.

One method that outdoor growers use as a means of concealment is the LST or low stress training method where the plants are grown closer to the ground. You can manipulate the cannabis plant by bending it or tying the stems. You can train the plant to grow in an arc, but it has to be sufficiently hydrated while growing so as to still get quality cannabis.

You could also use a trellis in your cannabis garden and cover it with some type of flowers such as stinging nettle. This will disguise everything. You can also plant other flowers such as large perennials around the garden to further hide it from nosy individuals.

Final Thoughts on How to Avoid Drawing Attention to Your Outdoor Cannabis Grow

There are other things you can do hide your cannabis garden. You should not use space that is close to a fence or foot path, in a highly populated and suspicious area or where passers can smell it or see it. You can also use camouflaging tactics such as companion planting where you would plant peppermint close to your garden where the minty smell will hide the cannabis aroma. You can grow them in thick bushes or use a tree canopy.

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