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It is believed that the serotonin in CBD content is able to manage conditions related to depression and anxiety. In fact, when levels of serotonin are increased, it will help to balance and improve your mood and alleviate the symptoms. It has already been proven and established that CBD content has many medical benefits. In this article, we will discuss some tips necessary to increase the CBD levels during cannabis growth.

Choosing the Appropriate Marijuana Strain

If you want to produce a cannabis harvest that is rich in CBD content, it is important to use the appropriate strain. What does this mean? It means you should choose a strain that is high in CBD content so your results can be guaranteed. Check out one of the reputable seed banks online to pick the strains rich in CBD. We have made three picks for you namely Candida CD-1, Dinamed CBD or Dinafem and Cannatonic.

The Candida CD-1 is from medical cannabis genetics and is popular among medical cannabis patients. It has 20% CBD concentration with two phenotypes of indica and sativa. It flowers in only nine weeks and has less than 1% level of THC. Dinamed CBD or Dinafem has 14% CBD content and can be grown outdoors and indoors. It goes through the flowering period in only sixty days. The Cannatonic strain is also from medical cannabis genetics and is half hybrid. It takes up to eight weeks to harvest and the ratio of CBD versus THC is 1:1. This strain has a higher THC level than the other two strains.

Pests and Diseases

During cannabis growth, it is important to do all you can to get rid of pests and diseases. If you leave your cannabis garden and it is not in a controlled environment, then pests and diseases will make their way in. In so doing your plant growth will be stunted and under developed. For that reason, potency will be considerably affected. So, you should definitely pay close attention to your plants throughout the cannabis growth cycle.

If you notice pests and disease to your plant, take fast action. Some of what you should look out for are tobacco mosaic virus, yellow leaf spots, root rot, bud rot, spider mites and broad mites; just to name a few. These things can be avoided, if you manage your cannabis growth operation, making sure that the temperature and humidity is controlled and that you have proper ventilation and lighting. Sterilize and clean your grow room to prevent pests and diseases.

The Right Harvesting Time

It is also important to choose the right time for harvesting, if you want to boost CBD levels during your cannabis growth cycle. How is this done? You should pay close attention to the trichomes in your plant. Use a magnifying glass to do so. If your objective is to harvest plants that are high in THC concentration, your trichomes would be transformed from a translucent appearance to a milky one.

If the opposite is true and you want a higher concentration of CBD content, you should be pleased to hear that level peak sooner than THC and so, the harvest would come earlier. In fact, there are some cannabis growers that will harvest once the trichomes appear partially cloudy. There are some growers who will want to wait longer.

Final Thoughts

Be mindful that all of our suggestions are just general information. Each strain has a different harvesting time. As you become more experienced with the cannabis growth process and cycle, you will become more familiar with what is involved as it relates to boosting CBD levels.

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Luis Cordova
Luis Cordova

Luis Cordova is a distinguished author, and renowned expert in cannabis cultivation, who possesses a Master's degree in Plant Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Science. As a valued contributor to highly esteemed publications such as Cannabis Training University and Maximum Yield Magazine, Luis has emerged as a trusted source of guidance and knowledge in the cannabis industry. Having written thousands of informative articles, Luis is widely recognized for his comprehensive expertise on cultivating cannabis, both indoors and outdoors.

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