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If you operate any kind of cannabis grow room, the temperature and climate has to be controlled so you can enjoy a good harvest. If this is a hobby, it is more important to know how to handle this than if you are a veteran who might already know many of the things necessary to control climate in the cannabis grow room. One cannabis crop could go bad, if you don't make concessions for the grow environment. There are some people who really are not aware of what to do to get a better yield. There are some optimization steps that could make a big difference. The cannabis grow room climate could be the difference between a healthy crop and a scanty crop. We have compiled a few steps that will help you control and improve your cannabis grow climate.

Automatic Light Setup

Most cannabis growers do not overlook lighting because they know it makes the harvest healthier and strong. However, there is one component that might be missed. Most cannabis grow room light add more heat and so you have to choose the kind of lighting that will allow you to control the climate in the room. There is lighting equipment that's made with temperature control switches. While this may be on the more expensive side, it is well worth the investment. There are more cannabis growers choose LED Lights instead while some choose the High Pressure Sodium lighting system (HPS), which is already proven to allow climate control in a cannabis grow room.

Be Aware of the Surroundings

Usually the HPS lighting system gives you a 20 degree window to control your temperature and it is possible the reason why many growers choose this option. It allows you to make the room warm enough during the cold weather so your plants won't freeze and it also makes it sufficiently cool not to overheat the cannabis grow room so as to adversely affect your plants. Due to the effect of the lighting, many indoor cultivators will only have to be concerned about the cooling aspect. For people who are just doing this as a hobby in their home, the simplicity of a window air conditioning unit will do the trick. However, while it will help to control the temperature, it won't be energy efficient. More importantly, if you decide to scale up your cannabis grow room operation; a window air conditioning unit will not be functional.

Air Circulation

The air circulation or air flow is also an important factor when it comes to climate control in your cannabis grow room. The air has to keep moving to help prevent mold and to build stronger branches and stems on your cannabis plants. Once water is soaked up from the root, it moves through the top of your plants, but it evaporates through the leave's pores instead of disappearing. With the proper air flow inside the cannabis grow room, it prevents your plants from being too moist and susceptible to fungus and mold. You could consider using a couple oscillating fans instead of the window air conditioning unit.


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Humidity Control

You have to control the humidity in your grow room so that your cannabis plants can perform well and avoid mold. To measure humidity, use a handheld sensor. If your cannabis grow operation is large, then you will need an electronic monitoring system. This will record the humidity automatically, giving you sufficient time to take other action such as adding dehumidifying equipment and oscillating fans.

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