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What happens if you were to detect marijuana zinc deficiency in your crop? How do you find a solution or is there a solution?

With this kind of dilemma, the leaves, which are younger, will begin to show yellowing between their veins. The tips of the leaves will show discoloration and begin to die. The leaves will show a distinct appearance of deficiency and stop its vertical growth. You might see less space between the newly formed nodes.

This can result in new leaves forming a cluster. If the marijuana plant is in its budding phase, then the flowers might no longer show any signs of growth or might be obviously dying, if something is not done to correct the problem.

Saving the Crop from Zinc Deficiency

If you notice any form of deficiency, there is a solution, but it has to be done in time to save the crop. Sometimes, this can be triggered by conditions that are stressful and in some cases; it might clear up once the stressful period is over. But, if you want to minimize the potential damage, you should react sooner rather than later to solve the problem, especially when the marijuana plants are in their flowering phase.

The pH Level

First, make adjustments to the pH level of the cannabis plant to correct the range. This reduced pH level is one of the reasons why you will notice a zinc deficiency in your marijuana. The roots need to have the correct pH level in order to reap a successful crop.

When the pH level is high, it locks in the zinc and prevents deficiency. In addition, the pH level allows for improved absorption of zinc. If you notice that your growing marijuana plants are zinc deficient because of to high pH level, then you can flush it out with alkaline water. This removes the nutrient salts, which might have affected the zinc uptake and this action also helps with the restoration of pH to its right levels.

If you are planting your marijuana outdoors in soil, then the pH level has to be up to 6.5 and not less than 6.0. If you can get it to 7.0 pH levels, then this would be more ideal. This improves absorption. In a hydroponic system, the pH level should be no less than 5.5 and up to 6.5 for improved absorption.


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The Water and Nutrients

To avoid marijuana zinc deficiency, you have to give the plants the right amount of nutrients. And you don't have to add extra zinc to fix the problem. Just use tap water when watering your plants because zinc is found in good proportion in tap water.

If you use quality soil, you will also not have to add extra zinc. If you use water that is heavily filtered, you may not fare well since zinc is usually removed from the water through the filtration process.

The Roots

You have to take care of the plant's roots to maintain its zinc properties and to prevent deficiency. Most problems start in the root. Practice watering the plants on a scheduled basis for healthy growing plants.

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The Recovery Process

After you go through the appropriate steps of growing your marijuana plants, pay close attention to ensure that there is no zinc deficiency. But, if it is detected early and you follow the steps above, you should see it clear up sooner rather than later; usually within a couple days or a week. You may not be able to get the damaged leaves to completely recover. However, you will notice that the symptoms of deficiency have been cleared up.

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