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How to Grow Shorter Marijuana Plants. Marijuana plant on wood table.

How to Grow Shorter Cannabis Plants

Do you want to know how to grow shorter cannabis plants? As an indoor grower, you might not have sufficient space to grow large cannabis plants. However, there is good news. You can successfully grow weed in a small space, but you have to control how high you allow the plants to grow. Here, we have broken down some of the most effective ways that you can grow smaller cannabis plants that are more compact in a smaller space.

The Home Grower

It is more desirable to grow smaller cannabis plants for a variety of reasons. This is especially true if you are a home grower and you only have the use of a closet or spare bedroom, cabinet or grow tent. The appropriate grow spaces are essential to having a good yield. However, if you want to make use of your indoor grow space, it is best to grow smaller cannabis plants. As long as you identify the restrictions of your existing grow space, you will be able to make the necessary concessions. We have put together several tips and tricks to assist you to grow shorter cannabis plants.

The Genetics

You also have to understand the genetics of the cannabis strain that you will be using. This includes hybrids, sativas, ruderalis and indicas strains. Yes, it is important on which strain you choose to cultivate your cannabis plants. So, it is best that you choose the feminized seeds very carefully. Try to stay away from male plants because they come with their own challenges and once you have no plans to breed your own cannabis strain, you don't need male plants. It is best to stick with the feminized seeds to achieve better genetics. Varieties of contemporary autoflowering hybrid strains and indica-dominant strains are easier to fit into an enclosed grow space. When these reach maturity, you can expect them not to go above one meter in height.

The Lighting

The light distance should be enough to reach the cannabis plants, but not too close to give your plants heat stress. Moreover, the grow space should be sufficient enough to give the ideal distance between the plant and the grow lamp. You also have to choose the kind of lighting that will benefit your cannabis plants and suit the grow space. These include HID, CFL or LED lighting. Keep adjusting the lighting, if necessary so that it is not too close or too far from your cannabis plants.

The Vegetation Stage

The viable option to growing shorter cannabis plants is the reduction in vegetative growth. This is especially true if you decide to grow photoperiod cannabis strains. Autoflowering strains will be able to transition easily from vegetation to bloom, depending on the age. Most of them will begin flowering within thirty days. However, you may not be able to shorten the vegetative period, if you use photoperiod plants. During the blooming period, their size or height will double or triple and may not branch out.

Using Small Pots

You could use small pots or smart pots to reap shorter cannabis plants. India and autoflowering varieties don't need much space for the developing of their roots and so you could use small pots in this case. However, indica-sativa hybrids and dominant sativa strains might give you a different result since their root development is more vigorous.

The Growth Method

The growth method is also essential to growing shorter cannabis plants. Low Stress Training or LST is an excellent method used to manipulate the plant's structure. You use this method to bend branches and use soft ties and stakes to hold them into one position. If you are looking for a bushy growth pattern, then LST is the best method because you don't have to cut away the branches.

Final Summary

Other things that you need to consider are the right room temperature, reduced moisture, enough water, air ventilation and circulation as well as the appropriate pruning techniques.

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