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If you are a cannabis grower and you are trying to reap more cannabis crops in one year, it is possible if you follow certain guidelines and steps.

Whether you are using clones or seeds, the proven '12-12′ method from the beginning will allow your buds to get into the jar much sooner without losing its potency or quality. That is an advantage of growing your cannabis indoors: you can reap the biggest harvest of cannabis crops in one year.

Indoor Growing

How to Grow Six Marijuana Plants In One Year

When you manipulate the growth of your cannabis plants, this gives it the potential to achieve six to seven cannabis crops in a 365 day period. If you do have outdoor space to grow your cannabis, you could enjoy up to twelve different harvests each year. However, you might have to contend with different seasons, especially winter and that will cause you to have a lower yield outdoors, even though the cannabis buds will still be potent.

Whether planting indoors or outdoors, though, you need to plan. If you are using clones or seeds, you will definitely have to plan as well. It is best to have a vegetative chamber or seedling because your growth periods could overlap one another. It will also help you to increase turnover and production.

If you are only working with one particular grow space, then the last two days of harvesting will be busy, but at least, as soon as you are done, you can instantly start prepping for the next cannabis crops.

The Traditional Route

Normally, cannabis plants go into the vegetative phase about two to four weeks upon germinating or clone striking. Unless you have a reliable source to obtain cuttings, you would have to possess a mother plant or mother plants to make your clones.

What does this mean? It would mean that you would be in possession of some sort of vegetative chamber that puts you ahead of the game.

Using Seeds

If you are going to grow your cannabis crops from seed, you would use the '12-12′ growing method. This method has been popular since the 1990s. One reason for its popularity is that it increases the yield as the vegetation period is short. Younger plants go into flowering from the initial stages by allowing them to be exposed to the '12-12′ period. This means that within six to eight weeks, they can be fully matured and ready to be harvested.

Be aware that smaller cannabis plants are going to be watered less, but the nutrient routine should stay the same.

The Smaller Plants

It is best to grow smaller plants that bud quicker. You can always grow them in pots, which allows you to pay close attention to disease or anything else that might affect the plant. In this case, you would use the “Sea of Green” method where many smaller cannabis plants are grown together to maximize the yield. When the plants are smaller, lighting is in a concentrated area.

The Cloning

If you are going to use clones, make sure that roots have already formed, which means, it would have already been in its vegetative stage. Once the clones become strong, it is time to change to the '12-12′ method.

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Allow one week for the clones to grow since they have already bypassed the germination stage. It is during the flowering phase that most of the growth takes place, getting ready for the different harvests of cannabis crops.

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