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How to Maintain Marijuana Aroma. Man holding a blunt with a ring on.

How to Maintain Cannabis Aroma

There are different ways to maintain cannabis aroma and we are about to give you the steps to do so. To preserve the terpenes and aroma of your very favorite cannabis strain starts during the various stages of growth. It is essential to do this because then you would avoid smoking cannabis that taste stale, harsh and lousy. The trichomes have to be saved in order to maintain your cannabis aroma. This means that the terpenes have to be preserved as well in order to give your cannabis strain its distinct smell and flavor.

The Harvest

After you harvest your cannabis plants, the compounds that are in it will start to degrade. However, there are some tips and steps that you should follow, if you want to avoid this or delay it. In doing so, your cannabis buds will have a longer shelf life. It will taste and smell much better and have a higher level of potency. You can start some of these steps to maintain your cannabis aroma even during the time of growth. However, most of these steps should be applied mostly after harvesting. Once your cannabis is cured, you can also apply the steps. Let us look further into this.

The Contact

You should try to avoid having too much contact as it relates to your trichomes or terpenes. Follow this advice throughout the growth of your cannabis crop – trimming phase, drying phase and curing phase. If you keep touching your cannabis buds and leaves while they are in the growth process, then you will lose most of the trichomes during the growth process. Yes, your fingers will have a nice smell to it, but that is due to the fact that you might be destroying the trichomes necessary to shield the terpenes.

The Trimming Phase

You don't want to agitate your plants while you are going through the trimming phase. You do have to handle your cannabis plants while trimming them, but you have to try to be as gentle as possible. You should do the same thing while you are drying and curing your cannabis. Refrain from shaking the buds while they are stored in jars. You will end up with a diminished product.


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The Flushing

When you want to preserve or maintain your cannabis aroma, it is best to flush them properly so as to get rid of any excess nutrients, which might have built up during the growth process. If you follow this tip, you will have a smoother smoke and your joint will burn more evenly and will have a better taste. In addition, the cannabis aroma and the flavor will be more noticeable and enjoyable. The color of the plant's ash will dictate a good flush. If the ash is white or light grey, then it means it has been thoroughly flushed. If the ash is black, then the opposite is true.

The Trimming

Once your cannabis has reached the harvesting stage, you should determine whether or not you want to trim it while it is wet or dry. If you choose to use the wet trim method, you would have to do so one stalk at a time and then hang your trimmings upside down to dry. If you use the dry trim method, you have to hang the entire cannabis plant and then once it is dry, you would trim it. The wet trim method will help more to preserve your cannabis aroma because most of the trichomes will be saved.

The Drying

The drying phase is crucial to maintaining your cannabis aroma and acquiring some good buds. Once you trim the cannabis, you will get rid of the most of the moisture in your buds. You will avoid mildew and mold and enjoy a nice flavor and aroma.

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Final Summary

The last stage is curing, which is essential to maintaining good cannabis aroma. Curing gives your end product that finishing and refined touch so you can end up having a good smoke of delicious tasting and smelling cannabis.

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