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If you have never heard about the idea of the aeroponic system, you are about to get a simplified version of it.

Of all the kinds of hydroponic systems, the aeroponic system is the one that is the most technological. However, you can still easily build a basic one at home. In fact, if you know the steps on how to construct an aeroponic system, you will get very good results.

You are going to need various types of materials to construct just about any hydroponic system including this one. You will also need various kinds of design setups, done right to fit in the space that you will be putting it. Use your imagination.

The Pros of Aeroponic Systems

There are a few pros about using the aeroponic system. One advantage is that this system uses less growing medium or sometimes, none at all.

When you use this system, the roots will get sufficient oxygen and your cannabis plants will grow faster. Less water will be used for this system in comparison to other hydroponic systems. The harvesting will be done a little easier and this is especially true for the root harvest.

The Cons of Aeroponic Systems

There are also some cons as it relates to the aeroponic system. It can be a little more costly to construct. The sprinkler heads that will be attached tend to clog up when the dissolved mineral components found in the nutrient solution result in a buildup.

If you do experience any clogging, be sure to have additional sprinkler heads on hand to do the swap as you clean the other one. In addition, the roots of your cannabis plant will naturally be hanging in the air with an aeroponic system and so it is more prone to drying out.

This is especially true if there are interruptions of your watering rotation. If you were to experience power outage temporarily, this could result in plant death when using this particular system in comparison to other hydroponic systems.

There is not much room for error as it relates to the nutrient level in an aeroponic system, especially if it has higher pressure than the norm.

How to Make Your Home Aeroponic System

There are specific things that you will need to construct a simple aeroponic system. Some of these items include:

  • A reservoir or container to pour the nutrient solution
  • A pond or fountain pump that can be submerged into water
  • Tubing or PVC pipe to send the water from the container's pump to the growing chamber
  • Sprinkler heads
  • Growing chamber to put in the root zone
  • A growing medium container where you will be putting the root systems
  • PVC pipe or tubing for the return of the additional nutrient solution to the reservoir or container
  • A timer so you can turn the pump on and off

The reason why you have to hang the plants' roots in mid air is to make sure they get the most oxygen. In so doing, the plants will grow much faster than normal. This is one of the most essential benefits of an aeroponic system. This system hardly uses a growing medium. Instead small baskets are used to suspend the plants in midair.

There are three different aeroponic systems to consider. One is made so that the pressure is lower. Another uses higher pressure and the other is equipped with ultrasonic foggers.

If you are new to this, it is best to build a low pressure system since less steps are required and it is simpler.  

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Luis Cordova
Luis Cordova

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