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Many cannabis cultivators are getting ready to get back in the game of growing weed in their cannabis gardens. There are so many people who love to plant outdoors, even if it is the marijuana plant. Big farms will generally start their cannabis garden focus in the month of February and March. For the small grower, it is not too late to begin a backyard cannabis garden.

However, depending on where you live, you won't get to sow any seeds or clone your marijuana plant until the frost or wintry season has passed. However, there are things you can do in the meantime such as preparing your cannabis garden and gathering the seeds and tools so that when the time comes, you will be able to hit the ground running.

Getting Ready

As you consider these things, we have done some of the legwork to make it easier for you by creating a checklist that will help you to take care of the appropriate things before getting your hands dirty in your cannabis garden. So stay tuned long enough to get the scoop. Here we go:

  • Pick a specific place where you want to have your garden
  • Plan the type of soil that you will use and prepare the soil
  • Go to your local marijuana dispensary and purchase clones or seeds
  • Germinate the seeds
  • Get all the required tools together

Now let's visit each of these things mentioned on the above checklist. You will learn even more from all of this.

Picking the Right Space

If you have not yet picked your cannabis garden space, it is time to do so. Make sure that the space is good enough to cultivate weed. Bear in mind that the space should be where the plants can get good sunlight. And so, pick the space that faces to the south, if you live in the northern region.

If you are using the existing soil, make sure that your choice involves a space that has efficient water drainage as well as healthy soil.

You should also consider a space that will protect your cannabis garden from high winds and from curious eyes from the neighbors. You should also make sure that the space is easily accessible to you.

Prepare the Soil

If you are going to use the soil on your property, then it is important that you test the soil by sending the soil sample to a testing lab near you. The test should tell if any nutrients are missing.

When you get back the results, then it is time to go to your local plant nursery to ask for help to improve your soil. This step should be completed as early as possible. If you are going to buy new soil, then you could buy it at the local nursery since the nutrients would already be in the soil or you could buy basic soil that you have to nurture. The second option is cheaper.

Clones and Seeds

Go to the local dispensary to buy clones and marijuana seeds. When you are selecting a certain kind of strain to cultivate, you should consider the area in which you live. Strains adapt to its existing climate conditions. For example, if you live in a northern climate where it is colder, pick a strain that should flower prior to the fall rainy season.

Germinating the Seeds

If you are going to be using seeds and not clones, it is essential that you germinate the seeds prior to planting them in your cannabis garden. This could take about a week, but no more. Place the seeds after you are done germinating into a small container and watch it grow until it has ridged leaves. This could take up to four weeks.

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Gathering Supplies and Tools

Without waiting, get out your supplies and tools. If you have to purchase anything in this regard, do so sooner rather than later. Some of the things you will require include pruning scissors, garden hose, zip ties, material for building a trellis and bamboo stakes; among other things.

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