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Cannabis contamination can be prevented, if you know just how to do it. If you are facing this problem and don't know what to do, you have come to the right place. We will give you enough information for you to get started.

While cannabis legalization is good for many people, cannabis safety is also of utmost importance, especially in the eyes of the consumer and for cannabis growers that want to save their crop and have a good harvest.

Cannabis Safety

Cannabis safety has become an issue of real concern. Oregon had to recall two batches of cannabis due to contamination from pesticide residue. There was a recall in March 2018 in Colorado, but it was later found that most of the cannabis was safe.

The UK had previously announced a concern related to cannabis contamination due to glass particles sprayed on the cannabis.

The question now is should consumers be concerned with cannabis contamination? In many instances, this issue starts in the unregulated black market and in a few cases, it might occur in the legal cannabis market. Now, let us look at some of the things that could result in cannabis contamination.


The most major issue as it relates to cannabis contamination is pesticides. In the United States, legal cannabis growers pay close attention to their crops, monitoring and regulating as much as possible for a more improved harvest. In Europe, the cannabis industry is not regulated yet and so cannabis contamination is possible since the black market threat is a possibility.

The risks are smaller for consumers living in places like Croatia, Italy and Germany; at least for the legal medical cannabis market. In such case, cannabis is either imported from the Netherlands and Canada or grown by the armed forces (military).

Pay attention to your crop so that you can identify pests and do what is necessary to get rid of them. Use a black light to inspect your cannabis plant. If the plants are contaminated, you will notice spores or black spots that are quite apparent.

Mold and Bacteria

Cannabis contamination can result from mold and bacteria and it is a huge concern for many cannabis growers. Mold and bacteria affect the cannabis plant during the curing and dying process. This can prove to be harmful.

This is particularly true for those that use medical cannabis. Even when Canada has regulated cannabis, contamination is still a massive problem, especially for domestic products. And, testing is not always done to fix the issue.

Testing should be one of the main solutions to cannabis contamination. In addition, it is important to keep humidity at a minimum in order to prevent bacteria and mold. You should make sure that you have control over the temperature in your grow operation so that too much humidity is not an issue.

Heavy Metals

Cannabis contamination occurs also with heavy metals, especially from the soil. However, it also sometimes comes from shatters and concentrates.

One reason for this is because butane is used to make them or if concentrates are manufactured in large quantities, heavy metals are possible. To avoid this, don't make cannabis concentrates or shatters at home. It is best to purchase from a professional manufacturer because they usually know what to do to avoid this.

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Final Thoughts on How to Prevent Cannabis Contamination

The best way to prevent cannabis contamination is to buy your cannabis from regulated dispensaries. You could also purchase a tester such as “MyDx” to find out if your cannabis is contaminated or not.

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