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How to Prevent Your Marijuana Buds from Rotting

How to Prevent Your Cannabis Buds from Rotting

If you are a cannabis grower, we are sure you don't want to have to deal with seeing your cannabis buds rotting. However, if you know the signs to look for and how you are going to handle it, then you will be able to save most of your crop. It is best to be adequately prepared and do things the right way. Let us take a look at how and why cannabis buds rot.

Basically, when your cannabis buds rot, it is attacked by toxic fungus, resulting in infection that taints and kills the flowers of your cannabis plant. Once the seeds germinate, they get highly contagious and then moves from one bud site to the next. You can easily prevent this before the conditions set in.

Take Notice

Most times, cannabis buds rot when they are densely packed together. If you take notice, you will see that the leaves, pistils and buds become discolored and dark. You will also see the affected bud site shrivel and dry up, even though the remaining areas look fine. However, if you catch it earlier on, you will see white fluff at the surface of the cannabis bud site. The white fluff is actually the mold that will develop into full-scale bud rot. This is the first phase of the bud rotting process, which means that you can save your cannabis plant at this phase and you can also prevent the remaining plants from being infected.

You should stay vigilant in how you care for your cannabis buds because the fully mold might not be easy to catch since they don't stay around for long, but spreads quickly to discolor and dry out your buds. When it gets to the advanced stage of rotting, you will notice that the cannabis buds have little black dots or new spores, which are the fungus in their reproductive stage, ready to spread further to other cannabis plants that are nearby.

The Handling Process

How do you deal with this bud rot? The best move is to cut out any signs of the fungal infection in the area. After you cut the rot away, throw it out and make sure that it is not anywhere close by to any other cannabis and any plant for that matter. Be sure to move your plants to a dry and warm place that has a light wind. After all this is done, you should either allow the plants to stay until harvest or just reap the harvest with the plants in their existing condition.

Rot Prevention for Cannabis

As we mentioned before, cannabis buds that rot are easily prevented once the conditions for germination are right and there is no molds. If there is heavy rainfall and you grow your cannabis plant outdoors, you have to watch out for humidity or wetness. You should also pay attention to stagnant air and cool temperature. If any of these conditions persist for a long time, then your cannabis buds will experience rotting. It is harder to control these conditions when you grow cannabis on the outside.

If you do grow outdoors, then make sure that your cannabis garden is located where there is a gentle breeze and warmth prior to planting your cannabis seeds. After it rains, it would be helpful to shake your cannabis plants to get rid of the moisture or wetness so as to avoid mold. You can also use a tarp to protect your plants if you know it is going to rain. However, in doing so, you would have to water your plants manually.

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If you plant indoors, then you will have more control over your cannabis buds. Make sure you have the right temperature (don't allow it to go under 20 degrees). Make sure that the area is well ventilated so as to prevent stagnant air and too much humidity.

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