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Have you ever thought to trellis your marijuana garden? That would be a significant step to having a successful outcome and harvest. This is not a popular process, but one to consider as it supports your marijuana buds and allows light to penetrate better. It also improves the airflow so you can have a better yield and it also prevents issues with pests and rotting buds. When you use a trellis to organize your marijuana garden, you will make the plants much easier and simpler to work with. You will also improve the plant's health and appearance. Now, let us look at more of its benefits.

The Benefits

In a normal growth situation, the pattern of growing marijuana can be less organized and more chaotic. The marijuana plant grows very fast and it chases the light and so at times while growing the plant, you might be inundated by its leaves and branches. Depending on the strain, you will have to deal with various structures, density and height. When you use a trellis in your marijuana garden, you will have more uniformity. You will be able to better prune your marijuana plant and avoid the chaos. You will have an area that is level enough to move around to remove needless growth and to improve the bud's spacing, keeping the marijuana plant supported so the buds can begin developing.

Growing Outdoors

If you are growing plants outdoors in your marijuana garden, then you can have a massive amount of plants to care for. Outdoors is the natural habitat for the marijuana plant to grow, but in so doing, the plants will grow closer together and will have one primary stalk growing in an upward position. The growth pattern and density will keep the plants from snapping and bending. If you intend to produce larger yields, then you may have to manipulate the natural growth pattern by using a trellis to create more spacing so you don't have a bushy growth. Let us now look at how you would trellis your marijuana garden.

The First Step

You have to always be a step ahead of your plant so that you can train the plant to do what you want it to do. Trellising or vertical growth helps with organizing and spacing as we already discussed. First, you must use a metal cage to surround your plants as soon as it is transplanted. You must get a sturdy and secure metal cage that you would securely place in the soil. Use a big bamboo stake to secure the metal cage because this is what will provide your plants with the much needed support. As the branches grow out of the metal cage, use the bamboo stakes for more support. Plant tie tapes should also be incorporated to aid the branches as they continue to grow.

The Second Step

Use a frame to support the branches as they grow to pass the pot's width. You can build your own from for your marijuana garden by using T-posts or lumber to encircle the pots. Once you have the frame constructed and put in place, then you can use a trellis to put around the sides and the tops of your frame. You will be able to control where the branches go through the trellis so you don't overcrowd your marijuana garden.

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Final Thoughts

Be sure to organize the trellis in your marijuana garden so that you have different rows to work with. The trellis helps to drain excess water more easily. This is an excellent way to get the right height and structure for your marijuana plants. To learn more about how to trellis your marijuana garden, enroll in Cannabis Training University's online cannabis courses today.

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