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Before you get to know how to use marijuana kief to your benefit, it is best to actually know what it is, right? Well, marijuana kief is the part of the plant that will get you feeling high and it also has many medicinal benefits and likely that is why it is considered a big deal.

With the weed you use to make your joint or put in your bong or bowl, the marijuana kief is combined with the dried weed for the simple reason of making sure that is sufficiently diluted.

However, there are times that you can actually break apart the marijuana kief from the other plant matter to be left with fully pure medicinal substance that is psychoactive in nature; just what you need to get a smooth high.

If you don't want to go through the s marijuana kief separation process, you can purchase your own at a local pot dispensary. However, you are likely to pay a lot more than you probably intended to.

The Grinding Process of Marijuana Kief

If you decide to go ahead and make the purchase, then all you would need next is your grinder, but the one with a three part chamber. The four piece grinder is also helpful and this consists of a grinding chamber, lid, marijuana kief chamber and a collection chamber. Once you have your dried weed and cured weed, you would put it in the grinding chamber; after which, you would attach the lid and screw the lid forcefully to grind up the weed.

When you are implementing the grinding process, there are two fundamental things that take place; one is that the buds are diced and sliced and the marijuana kief is separated from the plant matter. The leaves that are grounded up will go through the screen and fall at the bottom of your grinding chamber and end up in the collection chamber.

How to Use Marijuana Kief

Marijuana kief can be used in so many different ways because it is a concentrated cannabinoid. If you felt like getting very high or if you needed more medicinal value to substantially reduce your pain or anxiety, then you open up your marijuana kief chamber and begin sprinkling. You can use it on edibles, in your blunt and joint, bong and thai stick too.

Be Creative with your Cannabis Kief

If you are looking for an easy and discreet way to consume weed, then edibles is the way t do so. You can combine kief and decarboxylated cannabis into honey and butter, tea, cake and even candy to make edibles.

If you sprinkled a little kief on the top of the already rolled joint or blunt prior to closing it, then you will get an added kick to the flavor.

You can go a step further to use some THC oil to moisten the joint or blunt for more flavor, if you want to be adventurous. If you are using a bong, you can pack it and then put some kief; transforming it from a beaster to one of the mot high powered headies.

Marijuana kief acts as an upgrade to low quality cannabis. You can make a Thai stick, which is something that will look like a large blunt or cigr after you sprinkle it with kief.

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Final Thoughts on Kief

Before using marijuana kief, you should also consider the best strains to use. Some of the marijuana strains to consider are Chemdawg, Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Cherry OG, Fruity Pebbles and Kandy Kush; just to name a few. Never underestimate the power of marijuana kief because it does make a difference to how you consume weed and how to get the best out of the strain that you are using.

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