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Ideal Places to Smoke Marijuana in the Home. Joint and marijuana bud.

Ideal Places to Smoke Cannabis in the Home

All of us have a favorite place in our home that we love to hang out and smoke cannabis. If you don't have a place, then you should secure one. However, make sure that the place you find to smoke cannabis in the home is discreet so as not to make your family feel that you are invading their privacy. No matter if you are an avid smoker or you just occasionally smoke cannabis, you still need an ideal spot in the home to smoke cannabis. We have come up with some really cool places that you can consider.

However, it also depends on how you live with. So please bear that in mind. Where you smoke cannabis in your home will depend on a few factors. You have to consider how curious and busy body your landlord or neighbors are. If you live with family members, especially parents or roommates, you might have to get permission first. So, be sure that you take care of the semantics before you smoke cannabis in the home where you reside.

The Bathroom

If you want to avoid being detected, then this should be the first reason to get high while you are at home. The aroma might give you away, but you can try smoking vaporizers or vape pen so as to keep the smell to a minimum. And so, why not try smoking your cannabis in the bathroom using your vape pen. While you are in the bathroom, you can turn the air conditioning unit on to get rid of the smell. You could also go into the shower and smoke, which could seem silly, but it is not like you are going to stay in the shower longer than normal. All you have to do is to take a few hits before exiting the shower. Some people may have a stool in the shower where they can sit. If you are smoking a joint instead of a vaporizer, run the hot water in the shower to dissipate the aroma. You could also use a deodorizer or spray to counteract the smell of the cannabis. In addition, you could fill up the bath with water and sit in it while you smoke cannabis. If your partner is also a smoker, you could use this as a romantic way for both of you to take a hot bath and smoke cannabis.

The Garage

Yes, you can smoke cannabis in your garage, if you have one. Not every home has a garage, but if you do, this is one of the ideal places to get on with your shenanigans. When you do smoke in the garage, you are away from most of the family members or roommate and it gives you more privacy. Because the aroma will linger in the garage, you should use a deodorizing spray. Be smart about it. You could go a step further by putting a chair in the garage to make yourself more comfortable. If you have no access to a garage, but you have an outside shed, this could be a good option.


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The Basement

If you live in a home where there is a basement, this is the perfect place to smoke cannabis. To make it more comfortable, you should consider putting in a pool table, sound system, lounge chair, beanbag or sofa, pinball machine or game console. If you are unable to afford any of these things, it is OK. You can still have fun smoking cannabis in your basement without being detected.

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There are other ideal places to smoke cannabis, if you have access to them and these include the garden, patio, your room, the sofa or lounge chair, on the rooftop or on a balcony. If you have other cool ideas, let us know.

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