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One of the relatively new things that have come on the marijuana growth scene is LED grow lights. Hydroponic grow rooms use these lights to get the best results from their marijuana harvest. These lights also help cannabis growers to save on electricity.

There are various LED models of lighting and it is ideal to know which ones to use for growing cannabis indoors. Many of these lights, these days, are made with broader spectrums of light, which means that it covers a wide area of the hydroponic grow room. The kind of LED lights used will determine how green and healthy your marijuana plants and buds turn out to be.

Advanced Platinum

Manufacturers of LED lights have made unique developments that include specialized lenses that directly point light to the plant, increasing its penetration and allowing the outcome to be larger yields.

Advanced Platinum is one popular manufacturer that is leading the charge of making unique LED lighting for the cannabis industry and market. This manufacturing company produces reliable and high quality LED lights that are powerful and effective.

The lights are made in different sizes, from 150 Watt to 1200 Watt. These lights can also be daisy chained easily to facilitate full customization of growing cannabis indoors.

The Efficiency

For any LED lights made by Advanced Platinum, there is a high level of lumen output for each watt. The lights have been advertised as having a higher level of intensity compared to other LED lights for a hydroponic grow room.

The lights made by Advanced Platinum tend to be easy to control with a switch that turns from the vegetative state to flowering stage. It has a twelve band spectrum, ranging from infrared to ultraviolet. It is easily adjustable where the cannabis grower can change it to different growth cycle.

You can expect to get a very quiet fan with each light, in addition to aluminum cooling heat sinks. This will help to reduce the need to use the fans, unless necessary. The price for these LED grow lights will usually range from about $229 to over $1,200. It all depends on the size of the light for growing cannabis indoors.

Galaxy Hydro

Another manufacturer of grow lights is Galaxy Hydro. This company has been offering grow lights with LED capabilities for more than five years. They have become well know for high quality products.

The lights allow marijuana growers of hydroponic grow rooms to have the complete spectrum of LED lights during the flowering stage and the vegetative stage of growing cannabis indoors. The lights are easy to be installed and it is possible to daisy chain them together since they are so lightweight. This allows the grower to expand capabilities of the grow operation.

There are small fans inside each of these lights to provide efficient dissipation of heat. You can expect to enjoy a lifetime of 50,000 hours. Galaxy Hydro provides LED grow lights priced between $39.99 and $159.99. There are three sizes to choose from. Their most popular one is 300 watt. If you have a larger grow room, you can choose the 600 watt.

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Mars Hydro Reflector

In contrast to the other LED grow lights, the Mars Hydro Reflector lights are very unique. The company has been manufacturing LED lights for more than seven years. You can expect to receive a high level of PAR output with these lights. This means that you would save more in energy because you wouldn’t needs as many bulbs as with other LED lights.

Each of these lights provide full spectrum during the flowering and vegetative phases of growth. The price is between $190 to more than $350. If you want to know more about LED lights for your cannabis grow operation for growing cannabis indoors, visit the Cannabis Training University.

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