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Marijuana is a very unique flowering plant unlike others. Why? Well, marijuana plants have a female plant and a male plant for reproduction. Yes, you do have self-pollinating marijuana plants called hermaphroditic. This is the kind of plant that is commonly known to express specific male or female sex organs. The female marijuana plants create very huge, resinous buds. These buds are prepared by drying, curing and consumption. This makes the female plants the only ones that can be found in a marijuana garden.

The male plants are usually discarded and considered useless. However, it is still essential to have the male plants to pollinate because this causes more marijuana plants to be produced unless you are using a clone. Cloning should be left to professional growers. The question now is whether male plants are to be used as compost or in what way are they beneficial to the grower. Before you think about throwing out the male marijuana plants, let us look at how they can be used.

Genetic Breeding

The main function of the male plant is to breed the marijuana seeds. When the male plant is pollinating the female plant, it provides fifty percent of the genetics in the seeds. This makes it essential to view the male plant's genetics, which would include the rate of growth, mold resistance, shape, climate resilience and pest resistance. This can help to improve the superiority of future generations.

Soft Hemp Fiber

Male marijuana plants produce hemp fiber, which is a softer material than what the female plant produces. Instead, the female plant produces a stronger and coarser fiber. Male plants are more desirable as a result of their soft fiber because they can be used to make household items, tablecloths and even clothing.

Production of Concentrate

You may be surprised that male marijuana plants are psychoactive, but not as much as the female plants. No buds are produced. However, there are tiny amounts of CBD in the stems, leaves and sacs. You can extract these and turn them into oils or hash.

 Garden Augmentation

Marijuana plants provide additional benefits to the garden, even beyond the production of buds. Both the female and male plants create terpenes. This allows them to control pest and diseases and prevent them from affecting the plant.


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Make sure you separate the female plants from the male plants before putting the male plants in your flower or vegetable garden. As long as you do that, your garden will benefit from having the male marijuana plants since their terpenes will help to control pests and diseases.

Marijuana plants contain taproots that go deep into the ground to break up soil that is low in quality. The soil is also kept in place by these taproots. This prevents the loss of soil when it rains heavily. It also prevents nutrient runoff when it rains heavily.

The Focus

The male marijuana plants have the balls they need to prove beneficial. Most growers focus on the female cannabis plants and of course, that is the right thing to do, but they should not forget the male plants. It is still essential to acknowledge the characteristics and features of the male marijuana plants.

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The females are the ones that produce the nice buds that most of us have come to love, but the male plants have their own place in the mix. If growers do not pay any attention to the male plants, it could be the wrong decision. Capitalize on all the essential things that the male plants are able to contribute.

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