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There are many marijuana facts that are interesting and fun. Many of these, you may not have known about and some, you may have known.

Did you know that 2016 was the year that marijuana became more popular in the United States? In fact, during the 2016 Presidential election, there were more states that accommodated ballots related to marijuana legalization. In fact, several states approved the new legislation by allowing the legalization of marijuana in their states. This is one of the marijuana facts that has been most recent. Moreover, the states that already legalized cannabis saw a huge increase in sales. This could be one of the reasons for the legislative approval of marijuana in other states during the 2016 Presidential election. Other than that, cannabis advocates worked hard to make it possible.

Getting Educated

Despite these marijuana facts, there are still many opponents of the marijuana plant, some of whom do not really understand or have enough knowledge about the positive effect of marijuana on the health of human beings. It is time for opponents to be educated and so social media has taken on this task in more ways than one. That is why the #MarijuanaFunFacts hash tag has become popular on Twitter, dispelling the myths and employing authentic marijuana facts. Here are some of those interesting marijuana facts being made known to uninformed opponents.

The Origin of Marijuana

There is no one person that knows how marijuana truly originated. However, the first time that it was made known, it could have been as a medicinal plant. The initial document that discussed marijuana was found in the Drug Enforcement Administration Museum in Arlington, Virginia, which stated that the first use of marijuana was in 2727 B.C. and it was used by Emperor Shen Nung of China. However, no one is sure if he was a Chinese emperor since the first emperor was documented in 260 B.C.

Your Pets

Did you know that one of the marijuana facts that you would find fun and interesting is that dogs and cats can benefit from medical cannabis? Yes, just like human beings, your pets do have debilitating diseases that require treatment. Many vets have indicated improved health for dogs and cats with seizures and anxiety.

Over Dosage

When you use marijuana, whether through inhalation or ingestion, you will never be overdosed from it as you would with hard drugs like cocaine and heroin. No one has ever accidentally died from using marijuana. There has been no evidence of such.


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African Americans

One of the more interesting, but serious marijuana facts is that African Americans tend to be caught illegally with marijuana than other races. Between the years 2001 and 2010, there were over 2 million arrests of African Americans for marijuana possession. According to statistics from an ACLU report, African Americans are 3.37 times more than likely to be arrested for weed than Caucasians are.

Green Pot

Did you know that not all marijuana plant is green? That is another one of the most interesting marijuana facts to be aware of. Yes, marijuana is usually referred as ‘the greens' or ‘the grass.' However, do not associate this with the color green since there are some cannabis strains that are purple, blue and yellow in color. Some of these strains change their colors during temperature reduction, evolving from the color green to orange, red, gold or yellow, especially when it is cold. During cold temperature, the marijuana plant does not get enough chlorophyll to maintain its green color.

Conservative Views

A Pew report done in May and August 2016 found that after interviewing 7,900 police officers, 32 percent of them think that both recreational and medical marijuana should be made legal on a national scale. 37 percent indicated that they would love to see the national legalization of marijuana, but only for medical use. 30 percent thought that marijuana should be illegal in all states. Younger police officers favored marijuana legalization than older cops over 50 years old. It should be noted that police officers have more conservative views than the public.

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