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Whether you are a new or experienced cannabis grower, there is always something new to learn about caring for your cannabis plant. Cannabis cultivation technologies and techniques are continually pushing the boundaries of marijuana cultivation.

For many marijuana growers, a marijuana grow bible can be the perfect educational resource to learn the fundamentals of cannabis cultivation or fill in knowledge gaps.

If you want to learn how to grow cannabis from the best cannabis grow book, look no further than the latest from the “Guru of Ganja,” Ed Rosenthal: Cannabis Grower’s Handbook: The Complete Guide to Marijuana and Hemp Cultivation.

Best Marijuana Grow Bible: Cannabis Grower’s Handbook

Ed Rosenthal is an internationally-renowned authority on everything cannabis. More than the co-founder of High Times Magazine, he has decades of experience as a cannabis grower, author, educator, and advocate for legalization.

As a walking cannabis encyclopedia, Ed Rosenthal has written books spanning cannabis cultivation, extraction, activism, and much more. It is no wonder why his repertoire of books has sold millions of copies.

In his latest book, Cannabis Grower’s Handbook, new and experienced growers alike can learn all about setting up an indoor or outdoor cannabis garden and achieving the best possible yields and buds with up-to-date information about cannabis horticulture.

What Is Covered in the Marijuana Grow Bible?

Cannabis Grower’s Handbook includes information about:

Cannabis Cultivation Made Easy for Everyone

gloved hand touching a cannabis plant, marijuana grow bible

With dozens of cannabis industry books to his name, Ed Rosenthal has proven to be a definitive and reputable resource for all things cannabis. In the Cannabis Grower’s Handbook, Ed Rosenthal expands his teachings with the latest grow light technologies, including LEDs and bulbs that can accommodate all spectrums of light for every stage of the cannabis life cycle.

The book covers cannabis basics and advanced and innovative cultivation topics including permaculture and regenerative farming, integrated pest management, and the latest drying and curing practices by professionals. Explore several garden setups to find one that is perfect for your grow space.

Learn how to find the perfect cannabis genetics for your garden. Ed covers autoflowering cannabis plants and hemp varieties containing high concentration of CBD and CBG. This handbook features over 600 pages of full color photos and illustrations that bring to life the latest in cannabis cultivation.

The Cannabis Grower’s Handbook includes contributions and research from the latest scientific research. Ed Rosenthal's co-authors include Dr. Robert Flannery, a Ph.D. in plant biology and founder of Dr. Robb Farms, and Angela Bacca, a seasoned cannabis editor and journalist.

“If my other books help to grow, Cannabis Grower’s Handbook will take you to new highs.” – Ed Rosenthal


Learn How To Grow Cannabis!

Companion Reading: Marijuana Cultivation Books

Ed Rosenthal is a prolific writer with many essential titles that have helped cannabis growers, patients, and cannabis enthusiasts of all stripes learn more about this incredible plant and improve their cannabis gardens.

Marijuana Grower’s Handbook

Ed Rosenthal's Marijuana Grower’s Handbook is a great companion book to his latest title. In his classic textbook, good for all skill levels, Ed Rosenthal shows you all his tips, tools, and techniques for growing cannabis.

Enjoy over 500 pages of full-color photos and illustrations, clearly depicting the anatomy of weed, different strains, and cultivation techniques.

Grower’s Bundle Special

If you're a fan of Ed Rosenthal's grow book series, get your hands on the Grower’s Bundle Special featuring three books about growing marijuana, each with an autograph by the Guru of Ganja himself.

The cannabis grow bible collection can provide a wealth of knowledge on troubleshooting common cannabis garden problems and producing the best possible homegrown marijuana.

Ed Rosenthal’s Canna Library

Are you looking for more of Ed Rosenthal's insight? Invest in Ed Rosenthal's Canna Library, which includes seven books to help you become an expert cannabis grower.

Cannabis books include:

  • Cannabis Grower’s Handbook
  • Marijuana Grower’s Handbook
  • Marijuana Harvest
  • Marijuana Garden Saver
  • Ask Ed: Marijuana Success
  • Beyond Buds Next Generation
  • Big Book of Buds 3

These books contain everything you need to know, from planting healthy cannabis seeds to storing your buds properly for longevity and quality well after harvest season.

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Cannabis Training University’s tens of thousands of alumni from all over the world use Ed Rosenthal's cannabis industry textbooks as an educational resource to supplement their online  marijuana cultivation training.

Enrollment in CTU includes 12 weeks of access to seven of Ed Rosenthal’s books in the expert program, including titles like:

  • Marijuana Grower’s Handbook
  • Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits
  • Beyond Buds: Marijuana, Hash, Vaping, Dabbing, Edibles, and Medicines
  • Beyond Buds, Next Generation: Marijuana Concentrates and Cannabis Infusions

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