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Marijuana Seeds for Sale

1. I Love Growing Marijuana

Marijuana seeds on wood table with marijuana leaf and oil tincture.
Marijuana Seeds

Shipping to Australia and the U.S, I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) was founded by Robert Bergman and is a popular online marijuana seed bank among many growers. Offering their own strain varieties for sale, they have 120 fem and auto seed packs altogether. Also serving as a great resource for beginner growers, the I love Growing Marijuana website contains over 500 growing articles and 200 grow guides.

Although some seeds are pricey, they are guaranteed to germinate and feminized seeds are guaranteed to flower. What else is guaranteed? Fast Delivery and payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer and cash. You might also love the fact that shipping is 100% free to the U.S. on all orders. With that said, let’s wrap-up the pros of cons.


• They offer great Customer Service

• They have a FREE Seeds Offer

• You get fast shipping to the US & Europe

• Discreet packaging is guaranteed

• You can get a Free Grow Bible

• Seeds have a High germination rate


• Canada and the UK is exempt from shipping

• Seeds are generally on the expensive side

• It’s $25 to track shipments

2. Seedsman

online seeds company

Seedsman is a long-time trusted cannabis seed bank with a great selection of strains. Make your pick from top-quality seeds of all sorts, bred by over 120 breeders, all at fair prices, too. Seedsman is best known for its vast selection of quality strains at fair prices, indeed. And with loads of cool promotions and freebies, it’s was impossible not to put them on this list of 5 companies that sell marijuana seeds online.

Regarding their website, Seedsman is secure and easy to navigate, so you don’t have to look far to find the right marijuana seeds for your tastes and preferences. They let you pay by credit card, debit card, bank transfer, cash, check, money order or there’s the Bitcoin option for 15–25% off every order. Stealth packaging and fast shipping to the USA and most of the rest of the world is additionally guaranteed with Seedsman.

Seedsman Pros

• Choose from a great and varied selection of high-quality strains

• They have lots of great promotions

• Worldwide shipping

• Get FREE seeds with most orders

• Join their loyalty points program

• Delivery guarantee

• Discrete packaging guarantee

Seedsman Cons

• Word on the web is, they provide average customer service

• There is a limited germination guarantee

• Their shipping to the US is slower than ILGM

3. MSNL Seedbank

Marijuana Seeds Netherlands is a trusty and longstanding online seed shop created by the best of the best in this cannabis-loving European country. Offering a fair selection of low-priced seeds, customers tend to be delighted with the fast shipping to the US, Canada and Europe. What’s more is, as one of the 5 companies that sell marijuana seeds online, they generously offer free seeds with every order!

Their outer product packaging is discreet on all orders and it’s really easy to order from their website. Just choose the category of interest, from feminized to auto flowering – or whatever you wish to grow – you have quite a selection with MSNL. For those seeking wholesale solutions, or value packs, MSNL seems to be a popular choice. To summarize;

MSNL Seed Bank Pros

• Fast shipping to US & Canada

• Competitive seed price

• Lots of great promotions

• FREE seeds with every order


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• High-quality strains

• 15% bitcoin discount

• Stealth shipping


• No germination guarantees

• Average customer service

4. Seed City

Marijuana seeds company seed city logo in green

Seed City sells new and rare cannabis seeds from several hundred breeders, and ships them all over the world. Mailed in tubes and concealed inside of another gift, U.S. orders takes a short 7–15 days for delivery. What sets Seed City apart from other seedbanks though, is arguably their team of niche breeders, and mind-blowing selection of over 5,000 single seeds.

To top it off, you get the option to pick your own free seeds. And hey, it doesn’t matter what language you speak. Seed City has you covered. Pay for your seeds by cash, bank transfer or credit card, and expect a stealth shipping package that contains your seeds in crush evidence tubes inside another concealment. This addition is popular with the majority of customers.

Seed City Pros

• Seeds from over 220 known breeders

• An incredible selection of strains

• Easy to use strain-search function

• Worldwide fast delivery

• Free UK delivery

• Stealth packaging options

• Free seeds with orders over £25

Seed City Cons

• There is no germination guarantee

5. WeedSeedsExpress

WeedSeeds Express is the new seed bank on the block – and they seem to be ticking all the right boxes. Offering a 90% germination guarantee, along with great customer service and a large selection of quality cannabis seeds serves the right. Although they are still new and haven’t been reviewed a lot, we have good reason to include them on this list of 5 companies that sell marijuana seeds online.

In addition to years of cannabis cultivation experience and expertise, the founders of this seed bank regard customer satisfaction very high. Their strategy seems to be working too, as WeedSeedsExpress customers have been prone to report fast delivery and overall satisfaction with the yields they harvest.

The owners of WeedsSeedsExpress are proud of the connections they’ve made throughout Haarlem and Amsterdam that have helped them to gain popularity in the local and worldwide cannabis scenes. You still won’t many online reviews of WeedSeedsExpress, as they are the new kids on the block. But we are confident that their combination of high-quality seeds, background of growing expertise, and dedication to customer satisfaction will bring the future successes.

WeedSeedsExpress Pros

• Offers over 100 different strains to choose from

• FREE Seeds with Every Order

• Great Customer Service

• Fast, Worldwide Shipping

• Discreet Delivery

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• Recurring Promotions

• Easy-to-Navigate Website

WeedSeedsExpress Cons

• They are still a new company

• There aren’t a whole lot of reviews available yet

• Shipping with these oaks is rather expensive

Where to Buy Weed Seeds Online

The above mentioned cannabis seed banks are some of many places to find weed seeds online. Be sure to check with your local cannabis laws before ordering and marijuana seeds.

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