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Whether you are going to cure, dry, store or preserve your weed or cannabis products, you must have the right solution to maintain freshness, taste, potency and the quality of your weed.

Good marijuana storage is important to making sure that your cannabis products and buds are up to par. Gone are those days when people used to use plastic bags as storage. However, even though, packaging has been improved to maintain freshness, there are other things to consider and one of those things is mold.

The Results

If mold should attack your marijuana buds, it could destroy the entire harvest. It can also threaten the health of the marijuana and because of this, it could threaten the health of the person smoking the weed.

Yes, mold can be dangerous to the health of yourself and the weed. What are those dangers and how can you maintain a mold-free cannabis harvest during the time of marijuana storage? Let's first look at the reasons for cannabis mold while it is being stored.

Reasons for Cannabis Mold

When the marijuana comes out of the curing room, you usually find that it is mold-free, but only so if the producer takes the right precautions for mold prevention. The marijuana, however, at this point is going to be relocated to special containers and so this is the time when the weed will become exposed to higher levels of humidity. This exposure to the humid temperatures will go on for as long as you open and close the container in which the product is stored. For that reason, the product will be in danger for mold during the marijuana storage phase and as the humidity exposure continues to be an issue. Now, let's look at the types of mold you have to deal with.


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Types of Mold

You probably have heard about two kinds of mold and they are called Botrytis Cinerea (bud rot) and Aspergillus. These are the most common to look for during the marijuana storage phase. Bud rot is quite destructive when it comes to the marijuana plant. It rots from the stem to the outside of the plant. It begins with a wisp, grayish white in color and eventually, it will kill the marijuana bud. Bud rot turns the bud into a squishy or mushy plant matter. You will find bud rot on the plant if it gets reduced air flow and gets too much moisture. However, you won't see bud rot on cannabis plants that are already harvested.

Aspergillus is known for being more commonly found on different areas of the marijuana plant including the buds. If it is high in concentration where there are many of its spores, it can wreak havoc on the immune system and lungs. You will mostly find it in the soil or in an area where moisture is high. In comparison to bud rot, this Aspergillus is able to affect the plant during marijuana storage.

Consumer Health

When your marijuana succumbs to mold exposure, it is then useless and can no longer be harvested or used. If you ever tried to smoke a marijuana product that has mold, you can seriously damage your health, especially your immune system. It is very important to make sure that mold is prevented, especially since it is now used for medical purposes and patients with chronic illnesses can get sicker. When you notice mold on weed, it is best to get rid of it and not use it. This will protect the health of the consumer.

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Final Thoughts

To prevent mold, it is best to store the weed in a dry place. Use containers that are tightly locked to keep out moisture and too much air. Choose humidity packets to store your weed. Depending on how dry you would like your cannabis product, select packets that will achieve your objective. Find out more about marijuana storage by visiting Cannabis Training University, the premier cannabis school.