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If you operate any marijuana grow room, there are some essential things that are necessary and required for a good harvest. It is not an easy proposition to grow weed indoors and neither is it inexpensive. However, you can keep expenses down by being creative and innovative, even though, there are things which are mandatory. You can get high yields, if you maintain control of every aspect of the environment where you will grow weed. You should also keep track of all the necessary elements that your marijuana grow room will need to flourish. Don't let it sound too complicated because it can be quite simple than you would expect. First, we are going to look at the elements involved.

The Darkness

Of course, light is important to your marijuana grow room, especially during the flowering stage. The weed needs at last twelve hours of darkness without any interruption during the night.  If you allow any type of light to reach the marijuana plant during the flowering phase, it could ruin your entire harvest. That means your marijuana grow room has to be entirely lightproof.

Keeping it Airtight

The marijuana grow room has to also be airtight. It controls the strong weed smell. In addition, it also keeps the internal temperature at a certain level where it helps the plants to grow. So, lock all doors as much as possible.

Air Extractor

Now that you have everything airtight, the LED lights are going to make the marijuana grow room overheated, if you don't use an air extractor to get rid of all that heat. Make sure when you are using the air extractor, it has a filter to keep the weed smell in the room rather than the smell being released while using the extractor.

Fresh Air

Every marijuana grow room needs fresh air too. Why? Well, like every other plant, your marijuana plant cannot survive without carbon dioxide. The marijuana plant should get as much carbon dioxide as it needs to be healthy. Fresh air is a huge help.

The Heat

You are already using LED lights for the mandatory heat that the grow room needs. So the only thing you have to be concerned about is any heat that may affect your marijuana plant while you have it in the darkness at night.

Distributing Air

While the fresh air is coming into your grow room, it has to be appropriately distributed. That means you need a lot of fans. The fans also help the temperature and carbon dioxide to be well distributed.

Reflective Walls

It is best to use reflective walls so that the light from the lamps can be maximized and be more efficient. In so doing, you don't have to purchase any additional lamps. It might be best to use white walls since they are more reflective and will produce more light for your marijuana buds.

Grow Tents

If you are going to use marijuana grow tents, then the cost would be reduced and more importantly, you will find tents are more airtight, reflective and waterproof. This is one of the easiest, simpler and less expensive ways to grow weed.

Carbon Filter

The carbon filter is an essential feature of your grow room. Why? Well, the carbon filter acts as a neutralizer as it relates to the marijuana aroma or smell. When you are using the air extractor, you should attach the filter to it. This allows warm air to go out and the smell of marijuana will be reduced. After each sixth harvest, change the filter.

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In addition to all the things we mentioned for your grow room preparation for the winter, you also need to consider air intake, thermostat control, rotating fans, a thermometer, water tank, pH meter, EC meter, and water pump.

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