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Believe it or not, you can reap a high yield, no matter how much cannabis you plant. Cultivating cannabis as a home grower can be fun, but it is best to do it right.

If you want to stop buying cannabis from other people, then this is the way to go. You can grow it in a basement, spare bedroom, attic or small grow tent. But, make sure that you are growing legally.

Many states allow home cultivation as long as you follow the rules. Here are proven ways to increase your cannabis yields.

The Initial Step

The first thing you need to do is to set up a grow system that you can run smoothly. No matter which cultivation method you use, you have to make your grow system runs efficiently and that includes applying the right nutrients and water.

You have to choose the grow space. If you do this outdoors, you have to deal with Mother Nature and your neighbors. If you plant indoors, you still have to deal with your neighbors due to the pungent aroma, but you have more control over the process and eventually the harvest.

The Controlling Factor

You should control the environment, which includes the temperature and light cycle. That means you should consider indoor growing. Air circulation is also important. If you are having issues with this, then use an oscillating fan to improve things. This happens when the grow space is too tight. Pay a lot of attention to detail. Every small thing matters. For example, if there are pests or plant disease, it should be detected and treated early to protect your cannabis yields.

Plant Training

You should train your plants for an increased harvest. Use the LST method rather than stick to pruning only. This Low Stress Training (LST) method is the easiest way to manipulate your cannabis plants. You can use this method to bend your plants, if they get to tall. Depending on the space of your grow room, the LST method allows you to fill your space with a lot of plants; thereby increasing the cannabis yields.

The Topping Method

It is important to prune the main step so that the plant can grow out its side brands and encourage several primary colas instead of only one. This is called the “Topping” method. Every time, you make a cut while pruning your cannabis plants, you will encourage additional fresh shoots. This allows the cannabis plant to get bulky, contributing to increased cannabis yields. You can apply the Topping method in a wide range of temperature choices, but ti depends on how bulky you would want your harvest.

Final Thoughts on Ways to Increase Cannabis Yields

There are other pruning methods you could consider to increase cannabis yields. These include the FIM method, Screen of Green method, and Monster Cropping. You can also use a boosting formula to speed up your harvesting time.

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