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Marijuana plants have to be pruned in order to get the best result and a higher yield. If you are a marijuana grower, you need to practice even the basic pruning in order to get a good harvest. If you do it correctly, it can definitely make a lot of difference.

The important thing here is that it has to be done the right way for the best results. Pruning can be quite challenging, especially if you do not know exactly how to do this. If you have to do any type of cutting, pruning your marijuana plants can also be risky.

The Natural Course of Marijuana Plants

Some cannabis growers think that their marijuana plants should be grown naturally without any pruning. For years, they will do no pruning, depending on the natural course of plant growth to provide a healthy harvest. Is that safe? Many experts absolutely do not think so.

All plants need pruning to get the best outcome. If you are a marijuana grower and you want to let your hard work pay off, then you should adopt the pruning of your marijuana plants.

Getting Better Results by Pruning Marijuana Plants

There are other marijuana growers that prefer to take the cautious route to obtain a higher yield using fewer marijuana plants. This is the smart way to do it because then pruning will be necessary to get these results. Plants that are well pruned will produce better results.

Pruned marijuana plants have higher levels of THC, larger buds and more buds. Want to know how to get these results? Let’s take a closer look.

Dying and Dead Plants

Many people think that pruning is when a marijuana grower uses clippers to remove leaves from different spots of the marijuana plant. While, this is partially true, pruning is much more than that. You have to prune the right parts of your marijuana plants so that it can grow stronger and much faster.

However, the most important fact about pruning is removing dying or dead leaves or leaves that do not seem to be doing well.


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How do you determine which leaves are dying? If the leaves of your marijuana plants are noticeable discolored, then that means they are dying. When you remove them, you will allow the plant to flourish.

The Remaining Leaves

Be mindful that you will have some leaves dying on your marijuana plants and so pruning just makes the process speed up. The remaining leaves will be saved since dead leaves only bog down the entire plant and keep the rest of leaves from being healthy for a bigger yield.

Once you start seeing newer leaves begin to sprout from the plant, it is time to prune. This will allow the sun to reach the leaves that have not yet died. This encourages the entire plant to grow faster. Where you cut the plant, you will find that two stems and not one will grow out, making the plant bushier instead of lanky and long.

Topping Marijuana Plants

Topping is another pruning method for your marijuana plants. What is topping? It is when you remove the top of the main stem. When you do this, more shoots, stems and branches will grow from the location where you have removed the top.

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It is easy to tell when marijuana plants have gone through the topping process. The shape of the plant looks exactly like a cone turned upside down. This helps to bring in more sunlight, which eventually helps the plant to grow. Topping is especially important for indoor marijuana grow plants that do not have enough sunlight, but depend on LED lights.

There are other specific and essential details related to pruning that you must know, if you want a successful harvest of marijuana plants. To know more take a course at the Cannabis Training University today.

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