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There are various reasons why cannabis growers might want to breed one plant variety over the other. Of course, A lion's share of the commercial market as it relates to cannabis breeding is focused heavily on how they will produce strains with a high level of terpene profiles and THC.

However, there are some fundamental things that breeders should consider and this includes rooting ability, mold resistance, structure, wind resistance and able to fight against pathogens, the increase of flowering time, trichome structure, improvement of yield, training the plants, CBD profile and terpene count. For selective cannabis breeding, these are several of the things that should be most important.

The Cross Action

Things To Learn About Selective Marijuana Breeding. Hand with a marijuana leaf on it.

In selective cannabis breeding, progeny will be produced when two varieties of marijuana are crossed successfully. In so doing, the result would be a highly ranked hybrid strain. The strain will have a new and improved lineage and unique characteristics in comparison to the original plant. The desired characteristics will be more pronounced and prevalent.

During this time, cannabis breeding takes a different approach and breeders love to be selective when they are working with stock that is solid and reliable enough to produce new and innovative cultivars, which enhance and improve aroma profile, flavor facet and cannabinoid profile; just to name a few.

Selective Cannabis Breeding Outdoors

Cannabis breeding can be done using outdoor plants. Many growers around the world do enjoy that luxury, especially those who have the right environmental conditions. Not all breeders can grow weed outside because of the climate.

The sun, for example, does provide nutrients that the plants need and this includes UVA-UVC. When planted outdoors, the marijuana plants will smell better and debatably produce large buds. So, where a cannabis breeder resides will define the traits of the initial progeny.

When marijuana plants are grown in areas that are mountainous such as the southern region of Spain, for example, the plants will get sunlight all throughout the day. One of the reasons is that this region is in close proximity to Africa, which is known for its stronger winds and higher average U levels.

The dry air and strong winds are apparent at the end of the summer months where the temperatures in the evening will drop considerably within minutes. With such a temperature, the strain would have to be sufficiently sturdy to handle strong winds and hot temperatures.

No matter where cannabis breeding takes place, the climate where you reside has to be understood in more ways than one. If, for example, your temperatures dropped drastically three months prior to starting the growing process, it would be ideal to use a strain that will flower within nine weeks. It would be ideal if the strain is durable to handle colder and windy climate, if it is left out much longer.

Indica Strains

When you think about the Indica strain, it is the best strain for this kind of weather and one of the reasons is the strain does well in cold or hot mountainous climates. The weather in the southern area of Spain is similar to that of the state of California.

For this reason, many strains do well when grown outdoors in similarity to Spain. However, with selective cannabis breeding, you have to be open to making changes and being more flexible. You will learn how to understand your marijuana plants.

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Final Summary

Bear in mind that when it is cold and wet, this is the time that pathogens from other areas of your location tend to enter your cannabis garden. This is the last thing you want because you are not looking to deal with mold or mildew, which will damage your garden and you might possibly lose the crop.

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