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Now that you understand the cannabis plant, its needs, and phases of life, you are ready to set up your room so you can get growing soon. There are many different places that people grow cannabis indoors, including;

  • basements
  • bedrooms
  • closets
  • garages
  • greenhouses
  • attics

With the right planning your indoor grow room can be used to harvest buds 3 to 5 different times in a year, as compared to the 1 time it takes place in the wild outdoors.

10 Things to Keep in Mind When Setting up Your Indoor Grow Room

  1. The room needs to be able to be in complete darkness with no light leaks to initiate the flowering process.
  2. The room should be near a water outlet, or at least have a garden hose that can comfortably reach it.
  3. Fresh air should be able to circulate in and out of the room. A window can help with this. If there is no window, the building of a duct system will be needed to properly supply fresh carbon dioxide filled air in the room, and to properly ventilate the stale air.
  4. The more lights you use, the more heat is given off.  The room must be well ventilated and it is important that heat from the room is drawn out by the use of exhaust fans.
  5. The room needs an electrical outlet, or at least, electrical chords that can reach it from other rooms.
    • It is necessary to figure out wiring before choosing a grow space. Wiring is best accomplished by a licensed electrician.
    • Any room that is chosen will need careful consideration to how much voltage the fuse box is able to handle.
    • Electrical cables can be run underneath homes, up the walls, or inside attics if need be.
    • The room should be secure and discreet. It should not be easily identified by smells, sounds, or light.  It is a good idea to keep the grow hidden and out of reach from visitors and possible intruders into your home.
  6. The suggested amount of space in a grow room is 25 square feet of space per light (5ft by 5 ft.). It is important to leave enough room so you can easily get to the plants without damaging them.
  7. Try to figure out how many plants you want to grow before you start. (This of course is dependent on the laws where you live, the number of light and wattage that you have, and the amount of cannabis you are trying to yield.
  8. It is important to remember that all the equipment does make noises, and it does give off a strong smell if you are growing some nice quality cannabis plants. It is recommended to use a “Charcoal Filter Can Fan” to assist with smells and air.
  9. To help maximize the lighting source in the grow room, it is recommended to use a flat white paint or Mylar to cover the walls. This can act as a reflective material and help the light reach all the angles in the room so the plants get light from more than just straight down from the bulbs.

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