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The Best Ways To Use Leftover Marijuana Trim. Scissors surrounded by cannabis leaves.

The Best Ways To Use Leftover Cannabis Trim

If you have cannabis trimmings just lying around, what do you do with them? Well, there are different ways that you can use cannabis trim to your advantage. Even though cannabis trim is not as potent as the cannabis buds, it still has a lot to offer when correctly used. We have found several excellent ideas that you can adopt if you want to maximize the potential of your cannabis trim.

If you are an individual who wants to take up the hobby of growing cannabis, then cannabis trim should be something that you would put in the trash or on your compost heap. However, you would be wasting your cannabis trim when you could put it to good use. Your cannabis trim still consists of cannabinoids, even though; it is not as much as your buds do. If you don't mind making an effort to extract the cannabis trim, you will get more out of your cannabis plant than you could imagine. So, let us look at several ways you can do so.

Making Cannabis Butter

You can use your cannabis trim to make cannabis butter or cannabutter. How do you do this, if you are one of those people that enjoy consuming edibles, then cannabis trim is the ideal ingredient that you would want in your kitchen to make cannabutter. There are so many things you can do with the extracted cannabis trim. After it is extracted, you can use it in many recipes other than cannabis butter. If you are vegan, this is the ideal way to use it – making cannabis butter to use in your vegan recipes.

Making BHO or Other Solvent-Based Extracts

You can use cannabis trim to make BHO and other solvent-based extracts. BHO is a cannabis concentrate that has a high level of THC. Many cannabis growers who compete in cannabis cups will often make BHO products from cannabis trim and enter them into competition. To make the BHO, you will need a solvent extraction tube. This is excellent for those who prefer to consume concentrates rather than smoking a joint. It gives you a cleaner buzz.


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Making Hash

You can turn cannabis trim into hash or hashish. You have to isolate the trichomes first and pack them together into concentrated form. This is how you would get hashish. Hash is made when the sticky plant matter is rubbed together in the hands into a ball. You should use a silk screen to get the trichomes from the cannabis trim. Put the trim on the silk screen on which you would place a piece of baking paper or wax paper. The trichomes will detach from the plant matter, if you move the cannabis trim around on the baking paper or wax paper. The trichomes will then fall through the silk screen and onto the baking paper or wax paper. Use a credit card or scraper to collect the trichomes, and with the use of a pollen press, you would compress them into your hash coins. You can go one step further to make sure the trichomes easily detach by freezing the cannabis trim first.

Making Skin Salve

You can also use your cannabis trim to make skin salve, which is easily absorbed into the skin. If you have acne or any other skin condition, this is a great way to solve it. Make a topical cream and apply it to your skin. The cannabinoids are a great source of benefit to the skin.

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Cannabis Milk

Last, but not least, you can use the cannabis trim to make milk or any type of beverage. Just heat your milk in a saucer and add the trimming while you stir for half an hour or more. The color will look yellowish green when it is done. Make sure you strain it, allow it to cool and put in the refrigerator until you need it. You can use with your cereal and coffee.

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