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If you are into growing weed, there are some things that you should learn about the process. Trimming marijuana is one of the processes associated with the steps of cultivation. If you are ready to reap your harvest, cut one branch off the marijuana plant; after which you would lay it down on a tray. You will notice how thick some of those branches are and so a pair of scissors will not be sufficient. It is best to use pruning shears for trimming marijuana branches and buds.

In fact, this is the ideal tool that most growers use. However not all pruning shears are the same. It is best to use one that is strictly for cutting thick stems and branches. You are also going to need snips, which are used to cut off the leaves and not the branches.

The Options

If you don't have a pair of pruning shears, then you could use a sharp knife to do the cutting of the primary stem. However, the shears will do it quicker and easier. If you really don't want to use the shears or don't have a pair, you should make sure that you use a knife that has a serrated blade, which will go right through the marijuana stem. As you prepare to start the process of trimming marijuana, be sure that you only remove the branches that are not too thick to handle.

Keep the branch's length to no more than twenty four inches and no less than eighteen inches. There are other things that you should also consider such as removing the large fan leaves from the branches.

The Fan Leaves

Don't know what the fan leaves are? They are the leaves that look similarly to any pot leaves that you have already seen before. Those fan leaves grow out of their buds and are usually located at the end of their branches. When trimming marijuana, you should remove the fan leaves using your hand. No tools are necessary. You don't need a lot of pressure for the stems to snap off with your fingers.

However, be sure that you are wearing a pair of latex gloves so your fingers don't get messed up with resin from the marijuana plant. Keep the fan leaves and don't throw them away because they are good to be used for other things. Place them all on the tray you initially used.

The Sugar Leaves

When trimming marijuana, it is best also to cut off the plant's sugar leaves. Do this when you have already cut off the fan leaves. The sugar leaves are the smaller leaves that stick out of the marijuana buds. You may only see the tips of the sugar leaves. To remove the plant's sugar leaves, use the pair of snips that you have. Snips are good for trimming marijuana sugar leaves.


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Go get a pair of pruning snips at your local store, but make sure that it has smaller blades than the shears, which his usually the norm anyway. The pruning snips is good for doing delicate work when you are cutting smaller leaves, stems and flowers. They are easy to use and don't require a lot of strength from your hands. With so much snipping, you don't want your hands to get tired.

Final Summary

Be sure not to cut anywhere near the actual marijuana bud. However, get rid of most of the leaves – as much as you can. Nothing is wrong if some of the leaves are left, but try to get rid of many of them.

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