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When you think about cannabis terpenes, there should be a focus on the role that it plays in the plants aroma or smell. Sometimes, we might forget that the elements provide health benefits; in addition to shaping the type of psychoactive effect that we feel.

The terpenes found in the cannabis plant are molecules, which provide the aroma to the plant. At the same time, it protects the plant from unavoidable predators. Fortunately, cannabis terpenes are more than just the smell. These strong compounds do have a wide range of properties and are quite unique.

Unique Qualities

For one, plants that are derived from Cannabis Sativa genes are quite rich in terpenes. In fact, they can consist of more than one hundred; most of which have unique qualities. Because of these compounds, cannabis strains get their specific names and profiles. For example one cannabis strain might have a certain profile because of the type of terpenes that it is made up of. But, mostly, you can tell what a strain is by its smell and that smell dictates its terpenes compound. With that being said, it is a certainty that every cannabis strain has distinct undertone aromas that provide the trademark and unique scent. One of the main cannabis terpenes that dictate the smell is known as ‘myrcene.'

The Components

Some consist of properties that have sedative effects. Others tend to be more prone to result in uplifting moods. Myrcene alleviates chronic pain. Linalool helps to manage arthritis symptoms. Humulene helps to get rid of and reduce inflammation. The same compounds can be found in a few other plants. For example, Caryophyllene is found in green leafy vegetables, and spices such as oregano and rosemary. Limonene smells like oranges and lemons and found in two popular strains known as Sour Diesel and Lemon Haze.


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Entourage Effect

In addition to the medical strength, cannabis terpenes are accountable for the improvement of the symbiosis between different kinds of cannabinoids, which is an observable fact called the entourage effect. Cannabis terpenes combine to aid cannabinoids into passing quickly and much easier through the bloodstream. In so doing the terepenes augments their medical properties and that of the cannabinoids, giving an entourage effect where the psychoactive impact is modulated. For instance, CBD combined with other cannabis terpenes will diminish the loss of long term memory. It also reduces the high that you feel when THC content is strong. Linalool is found in certain cannabis strains that contain specific terpenes that are able to reduce anxiety. Many cannabis cultivators are now paying close attention to the essential molecules associated with cannabis terpenes. When a strain goes through the cross breeding process, they now produce new cannabis strains that are specially made to treat specific medical conditions.

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The Essentials

There are several studies done in the 1980s and beyond that have shown how terpenes works great to aid the cannabinoids such as CBD and THC to reduce any blood to brain obstacle and to allow it to pass easily through the bloodstream. Essentially, you will feel the effects of a certain cannabis strain by the terpenes that are found in it. In addition, they have their own medicinal properties, providing more than just the aroma and taste, but also working together to showcase the dominance of additional cannabinoids (the entourage effect). Each components or elements work together to enhance or reduce the final effects. If the cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids are all working together to achieve a common goal, you will experience a stronger effect. If they are working against each other, the effect will be muted.