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There are some ways that the Lux Meter can be used to increase your cannabis yields. If you want to have a higher yield and healthy growth of your cannabis plants, it is best to consider the Lux Meter, which is quite affordable. In addition, you are able to optimize and measure the amount of light that you are able to use in your cannabis grow operation. In so doing, it will increase your cannabis yields.

If you really want maximum cannabis yields, then you should ensure that your plants receive the right amount of light. You can ensure this by using the Lux Meter. Let us know look much closer at this device.

The Lux Meter

This device is very simple to use in your cannabis grow room. Now, why would you use this device instead o the PAR meter or the quantum light meter? The main reason is that it is less expensive. You could pay as much as a thousand bucks for the PAR meter, but the Lux Meter is so much less. In fact, you can get a Lux Meter for just twenty dollars. Why do you need a light meter like this?

The Benefits

This device helps to increase cannabis yields. Obviously, this would be a benefit to the cannabis grower. When the Lux Meter is used, it helps to determine the optimum spots that is inside the grow room or the right distance between the light and the plants. You will be able to tell when the light is insufficient to result in cannabis yields. The Lux Meter also informs you when you need to replace grow light bulbs since after a while, they have to be replaced. So, with this device, you will be able to tell the specific time when the bulbs have to be replaced.

Plant Issues

You won't be fortunate to enjoy cannabis yields, if your lighting is too much or too little. With this light meter device, you will be able to make sure the plant's growth is health in every stage. In other words, you need the right amount of light that is not too little or too much. This will reduce any stress on the plants; subsequently put a stop to future issues such as bleaching and light burn.

The Right Amount of Light

Now, the question would be what the right amount of light would be. Lighting depends on the grow cycle that your plant might be in at any given time. In the seedling stage, the plants are not able to take too much light. However, in the vegetative state, the plant will need sufficient light to maximize your cannabis yields. With the right lighting, your plants will grow vigorously. In the flowering stage, the same is true. Light exposure is important in the flowering and vegetative stage for maximum cannabis yields and bigger buds.

  • For seedlings and clones, you would need up to 7,000 Lux
  • For plants in the vegetative stage, you should consider between 15,000 and 50,000 Lux
  • For plants in the flowering stage, you would need to start with 45000 Lux and go up to no more than 65,000 Lux
  • The maximum Lux recommended is 75,000

If you were to increase the light above the threshold, it would reduce the returns on your cannabis yields. If you go to 85,000, then that is enough. It is best to keep it at 75,000.

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Final Summary

The Lux Meter measures the light to make sure that it is at the right height so that you can determine the proper amount to use. It should be evenly distributed as well so that it reaches every plant, even those in a blind spot.

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