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two cannabis plants in vegetative stage, how to transition from vegetative to flowering

Cannabis Plant in Vegetative Stage

People that haven’t grown any marijuana in the past might have issues when it comes to switching from the vegetative to flowering phases. Below we outline tips on how to transition from vegetative to flowering along with what you should know about growing marijuana.

There is nothing that needs to be done when you are growing autoflowering strains. These strains are crossed with Russian Ruderalis which flowers automatically at a certain point with no change in light cycles. You can keep these plants in light for 18 hours a day or more if you want to maximize the yield. For this reason, autoflowering strains yield far more in an indoor environment where light can be maximized.  

Flowering a plant too early can impact the yield and potency in a negative manner. There is a period of time where it will be best to flower your marijuana plants. Beginners might have to deal with accidental flowering during vegetative if they do not keep light cycles consistent.

How To Transition From Vegetative To Flowering

Switching from the vegetative to flowering phase needs to be done at the right time. Most seeds that you purchase will allow you to know how many days the plant should stay in the vegetation stage. In the same way, the seeds will often tell you how long the plant will stay in the flowering phase.

Keeping in mind that the vegetative stage is around 2 to 4 weeks depending on the strain of cannabis you are growing. You want the plant to establish a healthy root system before transitioning to flowering so the plant can support itself. Indoors, you also have to consider how large of a bucket you are growing in. A week for each gallon should be sufficient as you don’t want to induce flowering too early.

The beauty of being able to grow outside can allow nature to put your plants into flowering in a natural manner. The vegatative stage for outdoor grows need to be planted at the right time of the year. Planting seeds in the summer will allow natural light to make sure that you harvest around October.

Indoor grows are going to be very different as you can plant the seeds at any point as you will be controlling the environment. You are likely going to have to drop the light from 18 hours to 12 hours per day. This will help induce the flowering stage which can last up to 10 or 11 weeks depending on the strain.

Autoflowering strains can grow indoors or outdoors and need no switches in light time. Take your time as a first-time grower to see if you can maintain the plants rather than worrying if it is time to put your plants into the flowering stage. If you want to drive up the yield make sure your autoflowering seeds are of a strain like Amnesia Haze which has massive yields per plant.

Factors That Can Impact Yield And Potency

field of cannabis, how to transition from vegetative to flowering

Field of Cannabis

Seeds need to have strong genetics and should be of a strain that will thrive in your climate if growing outdoors. There are states like Florida that might be too humid to grow a strain like OG Kush outdoors as the strain thrives in dryer environments that can be likened to Southern California. Triangle Kush is an example of a strain that can grow well in Florida as the strain was originally bred there.

Nutrients should be used when growing in any condition as they can help your plants immensely. Too much of a good thing can be negative as you can actually damage them from adding too many nutrients. Nutrient burn can happen on the leaves of the plant and can impact yield negatively. Using too many chemicals or products near the harvest period can also impact the taste of your marijuana negatively.

Too much water is something that most people wouldn’t think could impact your yield in a negative manner. Watering during hours where the plants are not in the light is important. You want the plants to be able to absorb the water and rain can act as watering for the day. Keep your grow tent ventilated as you don’t want to have an extremely humid tent that leads to mold growing on your plants.

Flowering your marijuana plants too early can lead to far lower yields. You want your plant to be strong before you start flowering your plants. Research the strains that you are growing to make sure you fill your tent with plants that are similar to grow. This could also impact when you are supposed to plant your seeds outdoors if you want to harvest during the same time at the end of the season.

Growing Premium Cannabis Yourself

Learning to grow cannabis is a process as there are many factors that impact quality, yield, and potency. Something as simple as seed genetics can set a grow up for failure as inferior genetics make for very sensitive and nondurable plants.

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Finding seeds of the best quality is going to be of paramount importance. You should only rely on reputable seed banks online or seeds that you find at a dispensary. The best seeds will have deep genetics and a lineage that makes it fun to grow. Trusting a seed seller on social media is a great recipe to grow a strain where you do not know what it is.

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Luis Cordova
Luis Cordova

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