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If you are a cannabis grower, it is possible that you are throwing away money by getting rid of your cannabis stems. At harvest, you might have a good number of cannabis buds. However, as you cut your cannabis plant, you might toss a lot of it away. Most growers tend to discard their cannabis stems and leaves. This is definitely a waste. However, cannabis is quite versatile and so you put your cannabis stems to use and get more out of the harvest than you could imagine.

Growing cannabis is not as easy as many growers might think. Transforming your cannabis seed into a lush and healthy plant does require patience, time and effort that some growers do not exercise. If you throw away the vast amount of parts from your cannabis plant, it is frankly too wasteful. But, we have put together some tips on what do to with your cannabis stems instead of throwing them out.

Making Tea

Instead of throwing out your cannabis stems, you can use it to make cannabis tea. Yes, you can. You can put the stems into boiling water, letting it steep overnight. However, if you want your tea to be more cannabisent, then it is better to decarboxylate your cannabis stems so you can have active cannabinoids.

Put the stems in the oven and leave it for fifteen minutes at 100°C. For an extra forty five minutes, increase the oven's temperature to about 120°C so you can bake it properly. After this has been completed, remove the decarboxylated cannabis stems from the oven. Give it time to cool and then grind the stems, though, not finely or it will taste too bitter.

After you have completed the grinding process, place in a small cannabis and then pour water over the stems, covering them and then adding coconut oil or butter. Bring everything to a boil and then allow simmering for about ten to fifteen minutes. Sift it to get rid of any plant matter and use to brew tea.

Cannabis Cocktail

If you are not interested in cannabis tea, you could consider making a cannabis cocktail known as “Green Dragon.” How do you make it? Well, you would get a mason jar and fill it with the cannabis stems. Use alcohol that is safe to consume such as Vodka and pour it over the stems, filling it all the way to the top. Put the jar in a cool and dark place; possibly in the cupboard.

Keep it there for about one week so it can soak, but make sure you take it out of the cupboard every day to shake it up. The flavor and THC of your cannabis cocktail will be stronger, if you keep it i the cupboard and jar longer than usual. Strain the mixture to get rid of the plant material before consuming.

Bubble Hash

If you are a cannabis grower, you should have a good amount of cannabis stems that you might not know what to do with. You can use it to make your bubble hash. Wash off the resins in the plant matter using ice water. Filter the resins using filter bags so you can get pure and cannabisent hash. You can use the bubble hash in a vaporizer or just smoke it.

Cannabis Cream or Ointment

You can use cannabis stems to make cannabis cream or ointment. You don't need a lot of ingredients to make topical creams with your cannabis stems. There are a number of simple recipes online that you can use.

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Use Those Stems – Don't Just Smoke Them!

Cannabis stems can be also used to make cannabutter using wax trim and hemp paper. All the recipes are quite easy. One thing you should avoid is smoking the stems – talk about a nasty flavor!

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