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To increase how many buds you receive during a harvest means that you have to make sure that your cannabis plant is getting sufficient sugar. Yes, sugar does play a huge role in cannabis growth. In this article, we will discuss the essentials of sugar in the growth process as well as how the grower is able to improve sugar production using different methods.

The Importance

Cannabis growth is no walk in the park; at least for the novice. There are certain things that you should know in order to optimize your yield. One of the things that are of utmost importance in the cannabis growth process is the plant's sugar level. This may seem a little strange to some, but to the experienced grower, it is not. In fact, it is a huge factor to consider since this dictates the outcome of your harvest. When your cannabis plant produces sufficient sugar and in addition, distributes the sugar to the right locations within the plant's structure, you should expect to harvest some really big buds. It is very important for the cannabis grower to know the extent to which sugar is distributed around the cannabis plant and how the development of the sugar can be boosted.

The Appropriate Places

Photosynthesis is the natural procedure where sunlight converts to sugar. There are several ways to improve the photosynthesis process so you can encourage more production of sugar. And this is not about just adding sugar supplements. It is about making sure that the sugar reaches the appropriate places in every area of the plant. Some places are going to require more sugar than others. Sink Strength is the principle used to distribute the sugar throughout the cannabis plant. The sugar will either flow or sink. However, there will be a variation in the speed of that flow. The cannabis buds need most of the sugar and in fact, that is where most of it goes anyway.

Sugar Production

As it relates to young foliate, more sugar is required since this is still in the cannabis growth process. Mature and older plants do not require as much sugar. Sugar that is not absorbed is not wasted since it is transferred to the young foliage. This is a complex process because each part of the cannabis plant is vying for attention when it comes to receiving their portion of sugar. So, each of those parts pulls on the sugar to get their share and the harder they pull, the more they receive. The parts with the strongest suction will definitely receive more sugar.


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The Brix Levels

You can use a refractometer to measure the brix level so that you can know the density of the sugar sap. By so doing, you will have an idea of the plant's strength. When the brix percentage is high, it means that the sugar content will be high and subsequently, you will have bigger buds. This is an integral part of the cannabis growth process to which you will be proud since your yield will certainly improve. You should go for a brix level that is more than 12 percent so that your cannabis plant will have a higher resistant to plant diseases and pest infestation.

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Final Summary

The process of distributing sugar does not require the intervention of those who grow cannabis, even though; this is of benefit to the plant. However, you can use sugar supplements to improve your sugar production during the cannabis growth process. If you want to do more for your cannabis plant, it is important to know more about cannabis growth and the role sugar plays.

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