Have a Merry Cannabis Christmas

Have a Merry Cannabis Christmas

Christmas is upon us, and most people have either wrapped up their holiday shopping or are picking up some last-minute gifts. By now, the tree is trimmed, the mantle is decorated, and special holiday-meal planning is in the works.

Perhaps you’re planning a Christmas dinner party, Christmas Eve celebration, or Christmas week get-together. Whatever your plans are for the holiday, in order for it to be fun, very likely you want cannabis to be a part of it. There are a number of ways you can integrate marijuana into your festivities so that you, your family, and friends have the merriest Christmas possible. There’s no reason your Christmas tree should be the only greenery at your house this holiday.

Let’s identify some ways to celebrate cannabis and Christmas alike.

A Little Dab’ll Do Ya

Enjoying some cannabis flower or concentrates is bound to kick off your Christmas with a bang—and whet your appetite for a fine holiday meal. While a bong or dab rig can work well for this purpose, with a larger group of partygoers assembled at holiday gatherings, other options may work better and ensure that everyone gets into the right frame of mind for the day’s events.

Pre-rolled blunts or joints are sure to please Christmas party guests. Blunts are particularly useful, because there will be plenty of flower to go around. Since many people have a strong preference for either sativa or indica, a good compromise is making a nicely balanced hybrid the smoke of choice on this day. Some people don’t respond well to the upbeat high that sativa is known for and feel unpleasant anxiety from it, while a potent indica may sedate partygoers to the point that the party is over before it gets started. A good middle-of-the-road hybrid is the answer.

Quite a few nicely balanced hybrids will work perfectly in a mixed group. Skywalker contains a balanced amount of indica and sativa and has a lush, fruity flavor that most will enjoy. Champagne Kush (aka Champagne) is another even hybrid, and some say its aromas and flavors are similar to the bubbly beverage it’s named after…and that might be served at your party. The body and cerebral effects of this strain provide a nice, even balance. Other outstanding strains similar in overall effect include Tahoe OG, Strawberry Cough, White Russian, Rockstar, Cannatonic, Strawberry Diesel, Cali Orange, Blueberry Headband, and Blue Dream. With such a vast number of strains available today, if you don’t see one of these at your local dispensary, a conversation with a budtender will undoubtedly result in some other worthwhile suggestions for strains they have in stock.

Oil and other concentrates are hugely popular, so if this is your party refreshment of choice, a vaporizer pen or two will allow several people to enjoy concentrates rather than having a line build up around a dab rig. Vaporizer pens equipped with cartridges containing a good strain-specific hybrid oil will keep the party humming along.

With a choice of flower (which is often preferred by older party guests) and concentrates (often the party accoutrement of choice with millennials and Generation Z), you should have all the bases covered, and your guests will have choices—which is always nice and guarantees everyone is happy and satisfied.

Infused Meal Ideas

Cooking with cannabis is all the rage right now, so you may want to give it a try—or make some fun edibles to bring to a party if you’re not throwing one yourself. Cannabis-infused edibles aren’t limited to brownies and cookies anymore, so the menu items are wide open when it comes to appropriate Christmas meal dishes.

Since Christmas dinner is a special meal, many families have a traditional main course, much like Thanksgiving. Some people prefer goose or turkey, or prime rib. One of the most traditional Christmas main courses of all, however, is a tasty glazed ham. A cannabis-infused glazed ham can kick the party up a notch and makes an appetizing centerpiece to any dining or buffet table. An infused potato side dish makes a perfect accompaniment. There are a wide range of cannabis-infused side dishes and recipes available, although a holiday meal with every dish containing cannabis might be a bit overboard and not appeal to all of those present.

Dessert is a must at holiday get-togethers, and no Christmas dessert is more traditional than pumpkin pie. In order for everyone (including any kids that may be at the table) to enjoy the pie, a sensible practice is to make one or two large pumpkin pies for everyone to enjoy, as well as some smaller, infused individual pies for the cannabis lovers.

Another traditional holiday treat that most people love is Christmas sugar cookies. It’s easy to make some infused sugar cookies to go along with regular ones. Make it easy on your guests and choose unique shapes and frosting colors for the infused ones so the two different batches of cookies don’t get mixed up and end up in the hands of the little folks.

Cannabis-themed Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a time of giving, so if you’re going to a Christmas party and don’t want to arrive emptyhanded, a thoughtful gift can help set the tone for a fun gathering. Or, if you’re the throwing the party, some small cannabis-themed gifts will no doubt appeal to your guests.

If you’re planning a small gathering for dinner, there are a number of suitable small gifts that won’t break the bank. Grams of high-quality cannabis flower or a glass pipe will make any marijuana enthusiast smile. For those who prefer concentrates, a gram of hash, shatter, or wax is a suitable substitute. Another outstanding gift for those who like concentrates is a disposable vaporizer pen filled with tasty oil. Disposable vaporizer pens are a relatively new product and are perfect for outings like concerts or parties, because once the oil is gone, the owner can simply toss the pen in the trash.

Of course, a cannabis-themed gift doesn’t necessarily have to contain marijuana. There are a wide variety of cannabis coffee mugs that range from the simple leaf we all know and love to more colorful cannabis-related messages. Cannabis clothing is another option, with shirts offering the most choices with a marijuana theme. Another good choice that has lots of options is a cannabis-themed cap.

Another good gift idea is clothing and other items made of hemp—a highly durable fabric that’s cannabis-themed. There are a wide variety of hemp wallets and other items available that are attractive and hard-wearing. Hemp fiber is very strong, which is why it’s commonly used for rope and other products that take a beating from regular use.


Regardless of how you choose to include cannabis in your Christmas celebrations, the idea is to have fun responsibly. With proper planning, a cannabis-themed holiday can be the perfect way to bring the long year to a close. Whether it’s tasty marijuana-infused foods or a thoughtful cannabis-themed gift, the plant is now mainstream, and the options available are limited only by your own imagination. So get busy, and plan accordingly, to make this Christmas the best ever!

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