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The attitude of society towards recreational cannabis is changing. Even though marijuana is prohibited in the federal government, states like Alaska, Washington, DC, Oregon and Colorado have all declared the legality of recreational cannabis. Medical marijuana is also legal in over 20 states. This continues to grow as grassroots advocates campaign for more legislative freedom in other states. However, since 2013, the legal cannabis market has grown from $1.3 billion in sales to $2.7 billion.

The Evolution

As the cannabis industry evolves, employment opportunities that did not exist before are now opening up, providing 420 career paths to people who want to be involved in something innovative and emerging. ArcView Group is an investment and research firm in the cannabis industry. They have indicated that legalized cannabis has been the fastest growing industry within the United States in 2014. In fact, the ArcView Group has forecasted that by 2019, the states that have legalized marijuana will potentially make an annual revenue of $11 billion combined. This will open up more jobs so people can pursue more 420 careers. Let's look at the kind of cannabis jobs that could be available in this growing industry.

The Bud Trimmer

The Seattle Times has reported that bud trimmers are expected to make up to $15 per hour, especially if they have the right cannabis training. A bud trimmer cuts away leaves from the cannabis buds. This can be time consuming, meticulous and arduous work. However, it is a great way of getting your foot in the door. You could begin as a bud trimmer and switch to a marijuana cultivator or cannabis grower, earning salaries of up to $90,000 annually.

The Budtender

Of course, marijuana is not only about preparation or growing the plant. If you are interested in landing one of the 420 careers within the industry, you could work as a budtender in a marijuana dispensary selling cannabis strains, edibles and vaporizers to consumers. You would be the first person that the customer sees to get help with choosing the right cannabis strains. As a budtender you have to be knowledgeable and service-oriented. You can receive training at the Cannabis Training University to become an informed and qualified budtender.

The Realtor

Most marijuana dispensary owners look for secure space to conduct business. If you are experienced in real estate, you could work in that capacity, providing fiduciary services to the client. Your responsibility would be to find a physical space to accommodate a marijuana dispensary and/or a grow plant. This is one of the most flexible 420 careers where you can help any commercial business owner and not just the marijuana industry players.


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The Accountant

If you are a certified accountant, you could offer your services to the marijuana dispensary owner or marijuana grower as long as the operation is legal. Like the real estate agent, you would be able to work in any industry and not just in the cannabis industry. However, the cannabis industry has a demand for professionals like an accountant and realtor. So, you may have enough business in this industry to last you for a lifetime.

Sales and Distribution

You could pursue one of above 420 careers, but sales and distribution is also another way to get into the cannabis industry. If you are good at sales, this is the ideal job to get into. You would learn a lot about the marijuana plant and marijuana strains.

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Relocating for Jobs

In the state of Colorado, there are about 10,000 people employed in 420 careers. In fact, there are many people that move to Colorado for cannabis jobs, uprooting their lives and changing careers. Whether it is sales and distribution, budtending, bud trimming, accounting or real estate, you will be able to find a place in the cannabis industry. It is time to browse cannabis industry jobs that are available. To compete for one of the 420 careers, you may need training from the Cannabis Training University. So check out the Cannabis Training University to find out how you easily can receive online training.

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