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In 2020, the annual 420 events around the world were shut down due to the pandemic. The threat of a surge in cases has significantly limited 420 events 2021 festivities, too. You can still enjoy 420 cannabis events around the country.

As the cannabis industry and the world recover, digital and distanced events on April 20th will bring cannabis users together this year. If you are looking for “420 events near me 2021,” we have the 8 best happenings for you.

420 Events 2021

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1. Berner Presents Couch Locked by Cookies

Last year, the cannabis industry was struggling when the outbreak reached a critical stage. Since Hippie Hill could not get a permit in San Francisco last year, Cookies CEO and rapper Berner set up a digital concert and fundraiser for those in the industry who were most impacted.

This year's Couch Locked extravaganza is a livestream from the BEI hotel in San Francisco. Get your ticket to see a jam-packed lineup of comedians and musicians, including Jeff Ross, Bob Saget, Lil Duval, Teddy Ray, and Precious Hall.

2. High, San Francisco!

Hippie Hill may be off-limits this year, but High, San Francisco! is a fun alternative to tide you over on April 20th until next year. Billed as an “interactive and COVID-safe scavenger hunt,” this event allows you and your safely distanced buddies to explore the city and learn a bit about its local history.

This cannabis-friendly scavenger hunt will take you to historic landmarks where the city’s rich drug culture emerged. A ticket gets you a swag bag with goodies and discounts to local shops and brands.

Best of all, the first three to reach the final checkpoint within the time limit can win prizes totaling  $200.

3. 2021 SPLIFF Film Festival

If you are a film buff or you like to trip out on cool visuals while high, the 3rd annual SPLIFF Film Festival has your name written all over it. Explore a stellar lineup of cannabis-friendly film shorts created by up-and-coming and established filmmakers and artists.

If you miss the atmosphere of a movie theatre, opt for the line viewing party option where you can sit back and enjoy these 420 original shorts with a live audience. We can be together apart this year and enjoy innovative filmmaking.

4. Even Higher Together by Weedmaps

Weedmaps is bringing you a livestream that you can't miss this 420. Best of all, it's free! If you are 21 or older, tune in at 4 p.m. to catch an incredible lineup of musical performances, including one by Snoop Dogg, who plans to drop his latest album “From the Streets 2 Tha Suites.”

If that was not enough to get you to catch the free livestream, stick around for performances by A$AP Rocky, Jhené Aiko , Rebelution, G-Eazy, Too $hort, and many more. The festivities are hosted by Wiz Khalifa. It's a 420 celebration you won't soon forget.

5. National Cannabis Festival Drive-In Party

If you are in Washington, DC on April 17, 2021, the National Cannabis Festival brings you a drive-in experience featuring two comedy classics, How High and The Big Lebowski. Enjoy comfortable seats with a general admission that comes with a swag bag. Spring for a Hot Box VIP ticket for front row seats.

Don't worry about the munchies at this cannabis event. The event has got you covered. Scope out the event app to find a variety of drinks and mocktails, popcorn, ice cream, and vegetarian snack options. Enjoy a live DJ set, musical performances, and games to build-up to the main event.

6. Earth Expo

Colorado’s Earth Expo, presented by OH Zone and CO NORML, features an exciting lineup of cannabis industry leaders, musicians, celebrity chefs, and entrepreneurs. Stop by for your dose of education and entertainment on 420.

Enjoy three separate sessions of socially distant events, including yoga and brunch, plant education, live music, and a celebrity chef dinner. Have fun while learning something new about the cannabis industry this 420.

7. Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival

Extend your 420 celebrations by heading to the Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival at the Renningers Farmers Market in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Meet like-minded cannabis users, explore over 150 vendors, listen to informative cannabis seminars and discussion panels, and enjoy live music. This free event is pet-friendly.

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8. Errl Cup

Errl Cup’s 6th spring festival pits dispensaries in the area to compete in various product categories for the prize as the best in the industry. Adults over 21 years of age and medical cannabis patients can enter for free.

Enjoy live music, free samples, games, contests, munchies, and giveaways. At the end of the event, you will find out who makes the best medical cannabis products in the state.

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