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Let's take a look at 6 cannabis-friendly cities for your summer getaway!

Cannabis tourism has exploded in recent years with CBD-infused massages at boutique hotels, cannabis-friendly bed and breakfasts, and a wide array of pot-centric activities. Some cities are even approving social consumption lounges to give locals and tourists a safe place to consume marijuana. Before you head to any of these weed-friendly cities for your summer getaway, you should learn all about the local cannabis laws.

Tips for a Safe Cannabis Vacation

Before arriving to your vacation location, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about local marijuana laws. Each state and jurisdiction can have different marijuana laws on consumption, possession, and purchases. Traveling with weed carries some risk, so you want to avoid criminal charges anywhere in the world.

If you’re flying, it’s not recommended you transport cannabis products with THC on your flight. In May 2019, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) changed their “What can I bring?” page to include CBD oil that contains no more than 0.3 percent THC and one hemp-derived medication approved by the FDA. Keep in mind, your visiting cities might not be so friendly about your cannabis products. Always check local laws.

Cannabis Getaways Around the World

International cannabis tourist destinations are becoming more common. Canada’s recreational market is in full-swing. European hot spots like Amsterdam and Barcelona host a sizeable amount of cannabis coffeehouses and clubs, respectively. Restaurants in Laos and Cambodia in Asia infuse cannabinoid oils in foods like pizza. Multiple countries in South America have decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana, but possession still carries some criminal risk you want to avoid.

Every recreational cannabis state in the U.S. has plenty of adventure and fun. Choosing a marijuana-friendly destination depends on your favorite activities and interests. Luckily, cannabis getaways are located in a variety of stunning and exciting environments. Plenty of lodging options are incorporating cannabis into their offerings in many states such as California, Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Florida, and even Texas.

1. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco and its adjoining cities Oakland and Berkeley have plenty of brick-and-mortar shops, products, spa treatments, events, tours, activities, and more to keep you busy during your cannabis getaway. There are also completely free things to do such as visit the iconic Hippie Hill, check out the historic Haight-Ashbury district, or visit any of their cannabis consumption lounges including Barbary Coast Collective, The Bloom Room, or Urban Pharm.

While you won’t be able to smoke cannabis at most hotels, San Francisco’s Hotel Kabuki offers a cannabis-centric package, “The Herbal Trip,” which includes a “Going Green” guide to show you the hot spots, munchies, sunglasses, eye drops, and 2 p.m. late check-out. If you’re feeling up for it, head to Earthbody for a CBD-infused massage.

2. Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles has plenty of cannabis dispensaries to choose from. Fun activities include epic hikes, sunny beaches, critically-acclaimed restaurants, and even cannabis consumption lounges like Alchemy Lounge, which offers weekday, weekend, and monthly passes. The Cannabis Cafe features seasonal and fresh dishes made with THC and CBD. California law, however, prohibits consumption lounges from selling alcohol.

The boutique Moment Hotel on Sunset Boulevard allows guests to smoke cannabis on their 2,000-square-foot rooftop lounge. The Standard in Hollywood was the first to open an in-hotel dispensary where you can stock up on edibles, topicals, and more. If you’re feeling hungry, book yourself a private cannabis dinner of multiple courses with low doses of marijuana.

3. Denver, CO

Denver has a wide range of activities to satisfy everyone’s interests. Visit Denver’s Botanic Gardens, Art Museum, International Cannabis Church, or go on any of its countless tours around dispensaries, farms, and manufacturing facilities. If you want to consume with friends, head to any of Denver’s social consumption clubs including the first ever, The Coffee Joint, where you can vape flower and concentrates.

While most hotels won’t let you consume on their property, some Denver lodging options do like the Clarion Hotel, which has an entire floor for pot-using visitors.

4. Seattle, WA

Seattle has Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, fun outdoor activities, and dispensaries for you to get your favorite cannabis products. If you want to enjoy a cannabis-friendly bed and breakfast experience, book your stay at the bohemian Winston House. For a truly unique dining experience, book a room at the Thompson Hotel and have executive chef Derek Simcik prepare a cannabis-infused dinner party at a space nearby.

5. Portland, OR

Portland has many cannabis-themed activities and events to choose from including grow tours and painting classes. If you want a 420-friendly stay in Portland, turn to The Jupiter Hotel. The Jupiter offers a cannabis package, which includes a munchie kit, vape pen, discounts to local dispensaries, and other cannabis accessories.

6. Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas has dozens of dispensaries including Planet 13, the largest dispensary in the country. Its interactive light and water show are popular tourist attractions. For more cannabis fun, visit the world’s only immersive cannabis museum, Cannabition. Keep in mind, consumption isn’t allowed in public or in hotels.

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There are many cities in the U.S. that now cater to pot-friendly tourists. Cannabis-friendly cities provide many activities, events, and dispensaries for you to enjoy your stay, while being safe. Whether you’re an avid hiker, a fan of craft beer, or an art museum fan, you can find many cannabis-friendly cities to visit and more to come.

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