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Here are 7 easy ways to save money when buying CBD online. Whether you are an extreme cheapskate or a bourgeoisie spender, saving a few extra bucks during such tough economic times (speaking of the current global COVID-19 pandemic) is a good idea.

How Much Does CBD Cost?

There is no better place to start than first deciding how much you should be paying for high quality CBD on a good day. In this case, we shall only consider high-quality CBD that is different from black market CBD that may be sold for dirt cheap.

First, legal CBD comes in different forms including capsules, tinctures, gummies, topical, and concentrates among others. The cost of CBD oil is also influenced by factors such as potency, hemp source, extraction method, and concentration.

Generally, you should expect to pay between $0.09- $0.17 per mg of CBD. CBD capsules will also cost $0.09- $0.13 per mg of CBD. CBD topical may cost slightly more than capsules while the price of gummies is expected to be within the same range as capsules.

 What is the Demand For CBD?

CBD Oil is growing in popularity on a global scale and this trend is unlikely to dissipate anytime soon. If anything, the demand for CBD oil has been fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic. With increasing demand for CBD, prices are likely to keep soaring. Here are seven ways that can help you get a way around this.

How To Save Money on CBD Purchases

Rule 1: Go for high-quality CBD products

As much as going for high-quality CBD oil that is likely to cost more sound counterintuitive, it is likely to save you money in the long run.

Most CBD products offered on the high street are of inferior quality and contain less CBD than they purport to. In some cases they may even contain harmful ingredients. The truth is, high-quality CBD is expensive to produce. So anytime you see CBD being sold for dirt cheap (unless on offer) you should be suspicious of the source.

There are a couple of things that indicate high-quality CBD oil. You should first conduct a thorough background check on the CBD Company. Do they have a website and how authentic is it? Do they respond to customer queries and what are customers saying about the company? Does this company have a physical location? Lastly confirm that third-party results for the product are available to rule out the presence of contaminants and also confirm potency.

Rule 2: Choose CBD Potency over Bottle Size

Some CBD Companies are very witty and will pack their CBD in large bottles regardless of the potency. Potency in this case refers to the amount of CBD per mg in the CBD oil. This is what you should be paying for. You might think that you are getting a bargain when in actual sense you are not. So rule number two is to always confirm the potency of the CBD oil before paying for it.

Rule 3: Buy CBD In Bulk

Just like most other things, buying CBD in bulk is always cheaper. However, do not purchase more than you can consume as this will not help you save money in the long-run. Compare the offers for bulk purchases offered by different reputable CBD companies and select the one that best suits your budget and needs. You can also benefit from free-shipping when you make bulk orders for CBD online.

Rule 4: Get A Discount for Reviewing CBD Products Online

Most people do not know this trick but it can be a lifesaver when you are working on a shoe-string budget. Most companies that sell CBD online, especially the new ones, offer discounts to customers who review their products. This is because such companies rely heavily on customer reviews to help build their reputation and brand. It’s a simple strategy; just make it a priority to review every CBD product that you purchase and soon enough you will be getting discounts or free products from CBD companies that you have reviewed.

Rule 5: Register for Affiliate Opportunities

Affiliate membership is another way to help you buy CBD online at a cheap price. CBD marketing is highly restrictive because of the close association of CBD with marijuana which is technically illegal at a federal level. Most traditional platforms do not allow the marketing of CBD based products, Consequently CBD sellers are forced to devise creative ways to let potential customers know that they exist. Affiliate marketing comes in here.

Affiliate membership rewards affiliate members for every new customer that they bring on board. The affiliate member gets rewarded each time their affiliate member makes a purchase. Most CBD sellers offer up to 20% discounts to affiliate members. This will help to push down the cost of purchasing CBD online.

Other than affiliate memberships you can also consider CBD companies that offer discounts for referrals. This works in a similar way where you get a discount on your next purchase by referring a customer.

Rule 6: Compare Prices of CBD Online

At such a time as this it is very important to compare prices of CBD before making a purchase. Once you find a couple of top rated CBD sellers that you can work with compare prices of different products before you make a purchase. You can make a huge saving by regularly comparing prices and making use of discounts offered by different CBD companies from time to time.

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Rule 7: CBD Oil Coupons Can Be A Life Saver

Whilst most people are sceptical about CBD coupons, they can be a lifesaver when you are hard pressed for cash. You need to get legitimate CBD coupons first and find the expiry date. Save the code somewhere and put it to use when necessary.

Once you have purchased your CBD oil at the best possible price, you need to make it last longer by keeping it fresh. This means storing it in a cool and dry place and away from direct sunlight. However, do not freeze CBD oil in a bid to make it last longer. This will make it lose its unique aroma as well as potency over time. And that brings us to the end of 7 easy ways to save money when buying CBD online.

Fred Hernandez - Cannabis industry expert writer
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