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Here 8 cannabis branding agencies to look at if you are in need of some branding for your new and exciting marijuana company. Cannabis branding can make or break a company’s reputation, especially in an increasingly competitive marijuana space.

As full cannabis legalization comes to fruition, marijuana companies will need a solid and accessible brand identity that can withstand the changing regulations. Everyone from cultivation brands to pre-roll companies are investing millions in creating marketable logos, content, and experiences that can set them apart from the flurry of marijuana brands.

If you’re a cannabis company that’s ready to define your business goals and develop a brand presence, you may benefit from one of the many cannabis branding agencies that have sprouted up alongside new medical and recreational cannabis laws. While this list of cannabis branding agencies isn’t exhaustive, it’s a good start to crafting your brand message and story to a cannabis consumer base that’s ready to listen.

1. Wick & Mortar

Wick & Mortar is an award-winning boutique cannabis agency that’s been helping build out cannabis companies from their Seattle headquarters since 2009. In this highly competitive space, Wick & Mortar offers branding, strategy, copywriting, website design, and packaging services for any type of pot-related business. They also offer services such as photography, videography, marketing, and consulting to expand your audience reach.

Wick & Mortar has worked with numerous weed businesses including Narvona, a major Michigan producer/processor, and ZoZ, a veteran Washington cannabis producer and processor. For both companies, Wick & mortar modernized their brand vision to create a story with longevity and sleek branding. They’ve also worked with other cannabis brands such as Karibo, Cannabition, Dutch Valley, Mendocino Reserve, and Northern Standard.

2. Cannabrand

Cannabrand bills itself as “the world’s first marketing agency” for cannabis companies. Apart from the traditional branding agency services, they offer consultancy in operations, supply chain management, and investor relations. Each client starts off with a Discovery Workshop where Cannabrand specialists work out the branding and design elements. According to their website, they’ve built 157 brands, made 5.23 billion+ PR impressions and serviced 29 states and countries.

Cannabrand has worked with multiple cannabis brands including Doyen Elements, an ancillary cannabis business company. They helped Doyen come to market and build into a brand that has acquired 16 competitive cannabis businesses. Cannabrand has also worked with major California cultivator Caliva from San Jose. They designed a handwritten typeface and store design to create a casual and beachy vibe that reflects Caliva’s ethos. With Verde Natural in Denver, they designed a brand color palette to reflect Verde’s organic and hand-trimmed practices.

3. Potency

There’s no shortage of cannabis branding agencies in the industry, but it’s crucial to find out which ones have a proven successful track record. Potency has assisted cultivators, dispensaries, and a range of entrepreneurs develop a brand strategy from identity development to web design to dispensary retail design. In terms of dispensary design, they can aid retailers with a store layout design, point-of-sale displays, trade show exhibits, and window displays.

Potency has worked with numerous successful marijuana brands including TJ’s Organic Provisions, an organic cannabis producer based in the Pacific Northwest. They provided TJ’s with a tagline, signage, merchandising, marketing, and website services. Potency has also worked with Stem Wellness and Pistil Farms in naming, identity design, and tagline development.

4. High Hopes

High Hopes is a full-service branding agency for cannabis-centric companies and sits here deservedly so on our list of 8 cannabis branding agencies. Their work is focused on branding, packaging, website, and marketing services. High Hopes has a knack for logo, packaging, and website design. Their marketing arm handles all of their social media, SEO strategy, optimization, copywriting, and advertising services.

Previous projects include identity and packaging design for Unreal Cannabis, a THC-rich company entering the California recreational market. For Nuvata, High Hopes improved their brand strategy and identity design to attract an audience to their new vaporizer brand. High Hopes has also teamed up with Foottraffik, a premium marketing agency, for many projects.

5. 4Blooms

4Blooms is a sister agency of Flashpoint Marketing, a San Diego-based marketing company. This premier branding agency handles cannabis branding, packaging, web, SEO, and social media services. Projects can begin with an APEX workshop to craft an origin story along with other key aspects of your long-term business goals. They can develop a website page wireframe to get started on your web presence and create campaign themes to attract buyer attention.

4Blooms has worked with cannabis companies to design logos, websites, trade show booths, and advertisements on social media. With Canna Pride, they crafted an empowering origin story and created a standout trade show display. In their work with Oki Wellness, they created branding and logo guidelines as well as mood boards to cement their brand identity.

6. The matters. group

Most cannabis branding agencies worth their salt approach each client with an intensive preliminary consultation to define their pain points and come up with possible solutions. The matters. group doesn’t provide a detailed list of services. Instead, they build and support brands from scratch and provide them with multiple services in a personalized fashion. With locations in Seattle and the Bay Area, they can provide branding support for west coast companies and beyond.

Check out their multiple marketing resources including their annual cannabis market brand attitude report and playbook, 10 cannabis brand archetypes, and white papers on cannabis market niches. The matters. group crafted a name and website for Trinity Farms just a couple of months before a major Las Vegas industry conference. For Cosmos Xtracts, they provided brand guidance and research strategy design that set them apart from the competition.

7. Why Workshop

Why Workshop has extensive experience building out brands in the cannabis, hospitality, travel, and health space for over 20 years. They specialize in web design for WordPress and Squarespace platforms. Why Workshop can help with promotional landing pages, SEO, illustrations, photography, motion video, and logo creation. You can essentially turn to this premiere branding agency when developing a brand from nothing.

Why Workshop has worked with companies such as Cannabiotix by providing them branding, packaging, marketing, web, and social media services. They’ve also worked with Juice Co Vape Brand, CBDNA Skin Care, Qulcan Cannabis Brand, and Greenlife Productions. They also helped establish the Travel Joint, a cannabis travel and leisure site, as a go-to site for cannabis travelers.

8. Green Street Agency

One of the 8 Cannabis Branding Agencies is Los Angeles-based Green Street Agency received a boost in mainstream appeal when they teamed up with Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the most vocal and proven marketing leaders in the nation. Green Street Agency specializes in branding and re-branding, consumer touchpoints, and scalable executions to create one-of-a-kind branding experiences. In fact, they co-founded the Hall of Flowers and Cannabis Business Epicenter in downtown Los Angeles.

They also have extensive experience securing partnerships and licensing including celebrity licensing, influencer marketing, and contract negotiations. In terms of regulatory compliance, Green Street can perform a comprehensive risk assessment for any prospective business. They’ve partnered with some of the most recognized brands in the nation including Apothecanna, Eaze, GFarmaLabs, Snoop Dogg, Cookies, Shaboink, Absolute Xtracts, and more.

8 Cannabis Branding Agencies

Cannabis branding agencies are a dime a dozen, but there are many out there that can build out every aspect of your brand. If you want your company to stand the test of time among a sea of well-financed operations, it’s important to hire the best agencies to stake your claim in your marijuana niche.

The best marijuana branding agencies will employ creative and compliant marketing tactics to attract a wide audience without breaking any laws. To learn more about marketing in the cannabis space, enroll in Cannabis Training University!

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We hope you will contact one of these 8 cannabis branding agencies so you can get the branding expertise your company deserves. Cannabis branding agencies can be a big help to those cannabis business owners who find it difficult to market due to the restrictions and red tape cannabis businesses have to deal with.

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